Biological Agriculture

Our Biological Farming Program builds and supports communities of farmers, agricultural professionals, and public institutions dedicated to the voluntary adoption of a whole systems approach to farm management. This approach is flexible, maintains long-term profitability, and conserves and enhances water, soil and air resources.

•    Facilitating the exchange of information based on the knowledge and experiences of farmers, pest control advisors, and researchers who have pioneered and continue to develop biological farming systems,
•    Creating and coordinating locally based teams that provide leadership, program guidance, and technical assistance,
•    Monitoring and documenting the effectiveness of biological farming management practices.
•    Fostering collaboration and respect among farmers, agricultural service providers and suppliers, researchers and public and private institutions,
•    Conducting education and outreach using the farmer-to-farmer information sharing model and the Lighthouse Farm Network to provide farmers with the technical information necessary to implement conservation practices.

These are CAFF’s current Biological Agriculture projects:
Colusa Almonds
The Lighthouse Farm Network