CSA Conference

“2013 International CSA Conference,” a pre-conference to EcoFarm at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA

January 22-23, 2013 • for Community Supported Agriculture farmers, organizations & consumers.

The conference was a great success!

Listen to the audio recordings of each session by clicking the orange, circular, play button below. The audio files are large, so please allow one to five minutes for the file to load properly:

Individual Sessions Audio
Conference Opening
A1 “Challenges of starting a CSA and making it sustainable”
B1 “Farmer to Farmer Cafe–Problem Solving with Experienced CSA farmers”
C1 “Farmland Preservation”
A2 “CSA Production–planning, crop selection, pricing, distribution” Under Construction
B2 “Learning from another across national and ethnic boundaries”
C2 “Sharing the risk: pricing and member commitment”
A3 “Member involvement and core group support”
B3 “Farmland Preservation Inclusion of low-income customers”
C3 “California Session: CSAs and CA state policy”
“CSA Network Meeting / Building the CSA Network in California”

You can also visit https://soundcloud.com/caff1978/sets/2013-international-csa to listen to the audio for all of the conference sessions.

Here are some photos from the conference:


Thank you to everyone who participated and to our sponsors who made the event possible!


Bus Tour Agenda, January 22

The bus tour visited three CSA farm operations on the Central Coast; ALBA, Live Earth, and High Ground Organics.

Click here to download the bus tour agenda.  (Last update: January 2, 2013)


Conference Agenda, January 23

Urgenci 5th International Community Supported Agriculture Conference in partnership with CAFF

Click here to download the conference agenda.  (Last update: January 2, 2013)

Uncanny Terrain

A work in progress, Uncanny Terrain, is a documentary about organic farmers facing Japan’s nuclear crisis.





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