Imagine if you will: one week in October, in a hundred school cafeterias across California from San Diego to Humboldt County, in small rural towns and in the biggest of cities, over 130,000 children at the strike of noon proudly hold up locally-grown carrots, apples, celery, and all at once… CRUNCH!!! That’s the sound of nutritious food, healthy kids and a bright future for our family farms.
Join us for the 7th Annual California Crunch, a celebration of Food Day and Farm-to-School Month. The 2022 CA Crunch will be held during the week of October 24th. Last year’s Crunch had over 130,000 student participants across 27 school districts throughout the state. Can you help us reach our goal of 150,000 kids in 2022?
The event is an opportunity to support farmers and engage students and guests in schools, hospitals, universities, and communities on the value of local farmers and food system sustainability. Students and guests are offered local fruits or vegetables to bite into simultaneously, inspire conversations about where their food comes from, and promote their celebrations through social media. We are providing participating institutions with the 2022 California Crunch Guide, which will include tips and procurement resources to organize a Crunch.


Register your Crunch below and join participating schools, hospitals and businesses across California during the week of October 24-28, 2022, for this local food tasting event. All registered will receive the 2022 event guide, links to educational videos, and be included in California Crunch promotions.

Or simply share this webpage with local schools in your neighborhood!