From reducing fuel load on your property to crop insurance, there are many things you can do today to prevent or at least mitigate destruction in the event of a natural disaster. The below resources offer tips and tools for you, your farm and your community.

"Having survived a wildfire, but losing my home and barn in the process, these days I'm much more aware of the steps we farmers can take now so that when disaster does hit, it's not so destructive."
David Cooper
Oak Hill Farm


Resources to help you prepare your home, your property and the land for disaster. 


Resources to help you prepare livestock in the event of a wildfire. 


Insurance options to help protect your crops and property against natural disasters.

CA Dept. of Insurance

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) provides several information guides, tips and  tools to help you understand home/residential insurance so that you can make the best decision for your situation.  If you do not find the information you need, we invite you

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The FAIR Plan

The FAIR Plan provides insurance as a last resort, and should be used only after a diligent effort to obtain coverage in the voluntary market has been made.

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Wildfire Insurance 101

Have you ever gone on a family vacation for more than two weeks, during which you lived out of a suitcase? If your family is anything like mine, it can get pretty stressful! Now imagine having to live in temporary

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Wildfires: Flood Insurance

Floods are the most common and costly natural hazard in the nation. After a wildfire, the flood risk increases significantly. The time to buy flood insurance is now. Homeowners, renters and business owners need to protect themselves financially from the devastating  losses flooding can

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Crop Insurance, USDA

Crop insurance is purchased by agricultural producers, including farmers, ranchers and others to protect against either the loss of their crops due to natural disasters, or the loss of revenue due to declines in the prices of agricultural commodities.

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Tips and resources to help your community prepare collectively for the event of disaster, from mobilizing your neighborhood to local policies.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans

This series offers a set of lessons learned concerning the collaborative processes that influence and guide the development of community wildfire protection plans (CWPPs) under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act (HFRA 2003). The lessons learned are offered in relatively short

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Communities at Risk

To help protect people and their property from potential catastrophic wildfire, the National Fire Plan directs funding to be provided for projects designed to reduce the fire risks to communities. A fundamental step in achieving this goal was the identification

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Firewise USA

NFPA’s Firewise USA® program teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to work together and take action now to prevent losses. Join the growing network of more than 1,500 recognized Firewise USA® sites from across

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Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

The Network connects and supports people and communities who are striving to live more safely with wildfire, a catalyst for spreading best practices and innovations in fire adaptation concepts nationwide. The purpose of FAC Net is to exchange information, collaborate

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The Aftermath

Once the smoke has cleared, there’s a lot more to do than just assess the damage. The steps you take in the aftermath of a natural disaster can help position you, your farm and your community for a healthy and equitable recovery. From financial aid to land management practices, these resources will help get you back on your feet and back to farming the food we need.


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