Farmers Standing Up for Democracy

We at CAFF often find ourselves at odds with those in power, frustrated by a government that for too long has neglected family farms, drags its feet on climate legislation, and continues to uphold systems perpetuating racial inequities, monopolization, and a food system that leaves our lands worse off for the next generation of farmers.

Despite this, CAFF remains committed to making peaceful change at both the grassroots level as well as through the democratic process, which came under violent assault yesterday in Washington, D.C.

The real change we need might not start in the Capitol, but CAFF remains committed to bringing the concerns, solutions and voices from small farms and marginalized communities to the seats of power to be heard. The disgrace that unfolded yesterday threatens that work–let alone countless lives, all while laying bare double-standards that protect white-led riots when BIPOC demonstrations have been met with the full force of the Law.

For us at CAFF, yesterday reminded us how important our democratic systems are and, however cumbersome and imperfect they might be, we are re-inspired to fully participate, ramping up our advocacy in the year ahead with equity at our core and with more urgency, creativity and with a broader base of support.

For this, we need YOU.

America can do better. And we invite you to join CAFF in exemplifying how best to forge real change in this country.