Food Safety Cost-Share Program

Funding Available For:

How to Apply:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I apply for both the water test grant and the 3rd Party Food Safety Audit?

Yes! You can apply for both. It is not guaranteed that both will be funded. 

  • Do I have to have already paid for the water tests and/or 3rd Party Audit?

No. Part of the application has a question where you explain whether you’re applying for reimbursement for costs already incurred or compensation towards future costs. If you are applying for compensation we ask you to provide support that you’ve scheduled water tests and/or an audit. 

  • How long is the application available?

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until funding runs out. We encourage all farmers to apply for funds as soon as possible as we likely will run out of funds before October 2021. 

  • Will all applications be awarded funding?

No. Applications must be completed fully and preference will be given towards applicants that fall into one or multiple of these categories: socially disadvantaged farmer, beginning farmer, and/or small farmer. 

  • How do I find a local lab that can do the water test?

You can do any/all of the following:

-Ask other local farmers if they know of any local labs that do water testing. 

-You can check if any of the labs on this map are close to you.

-Ask your local Extension Farm Advisor.

-Google water testing labs near your location. Ask labs when you call them whether they do the generic E. coli test. 

  • When will I know whether or not my application was funded? 

We’re aiming to let all applicants know the status of their application by April 30th.

  • Do I have to use grant funds by a certain date?

If you’re applying for compensation towards a water test and/or 3rd party audit those funds must be spent by June 30th, 2021. 

  • Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Email Kali at kali[@]