Do You Believe In Farmers?

We Do.

We believe that anyone willing to work hard, who loves the land, who’s committed to growing wholesome food for their local community, deserves a chance to thrive. But despite their dedication, many family farmers face huge obstacles. New farmers especially. As do women farmers, farmers of color and the immigrants who make up the backbone of our California food system, those striving against all odds to transition from working the fields to owning a farm they can call their own.

That’s why we at Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) have committed to growing our programs that serve these farmers as well as ramping up our advocacy in Sacramento and D.C., pushing for policies that help level the playing field for all those who dream of farm success.

Will you join us?

This past season, we worked with over 50 new farmers in the Salinas Valley, offering educational resources, field days and help gaining access to markets. In the years ahead, with your support and in collaboration with these farm communities themselves, we’re expanding programs like these across the state, together with our ongoing work promoting Climate Smart Farming and Farm-to-Cafeteria and our advocacy in Sacramento & D.C., fighting for a more equitable, abundant and resilient food system for all.

This #GivingTuesday, consider empowering these farmers and help us grow that vision for California.

“Eating is an agricultural act.” We’re in this together. Thank you.