Join our hatchery team and score a sweet tiny house living space in Sebastopol :)

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Live & Work Position Available at The Humane Chicken Hatchery Alchemist Farm

Looking for a dynamic job and sweet private living space? We are looking for farm helper, is that person you? šŸ™‚ The position is a year commitment with potential for long term extension if we are all a good fit! Position and housing available starting October 15th 2022.

Living Space:

A 120sq ft lofted tiny house with a large private fenced yard and 500sq ft greenhouse all set up for veggie gardening with raised beds and irrigation- currently it is filled with raspberries and strawberries.

Rent for the living space is $800 and includes water and electricity. You will be in charge of trash service, internet and propane for your outdoor shower.


Join us for a year of raising breeding groups of chickens and running a humane chicken hatchery.Ā  5 days a week you will be the first eyes on the birds in the morning and the last eyes on them at night with lots of chick cuddling in-between if you so choose! šŸ™‚

Some of the hours we have available are in the evening after dark, specifically putting the flocks of chickens away and scanning to make sure all of the auto doors have closed on the coops so whoever joins our team needs be living on the farm for ease.

As the year ebbs and flows with the seasonal shifts of raising birds/hatching/shipping chicks you can expect 15+ hours of work a week from October-January and 30+ hours a week from January – October. Doing our hatching season Tuesday is a longer hour work day of preparing shipments of chicks, and cleaning after hatches, the rest of the week the bulk of the day hours are free if you have a second job in town or are in school.

Stating pay is $18 an hour with options for more hours of property upkeep such as mowing, weed whipping, irrigation repair and general tinkering with the coops and farm infrastructure.

Lots of learning opportunities available.


Examples of solo work hours:

Morning checking to make sure each coop door opens

Daily collecting of eggs and sorting from our breeding groups

Tucking the birds in at night

Training juvenile birds into coops at night

Trimming wings in winter

Daily checking of chicks in brooders and refilling their water and food

Weekly Cleaning Brooders from baby chicks

Monthly rotation of cleaning coops, 1 day a month

Setting eggs in the incubators and hatchers

Weekly Preparing shipping boxes for the chicks

Weekly prepping of chick pickup boxes

Packing up hatching egg orders for shipment

Weekly cleaning of hatchers and incubation space on Tuesdays after hatch

Management of pasture watering/reseeding for flocks

Weekly checking of late chick shipments

Random fixes of coops/upkeep if latches/hinges need attention

Farm sitting for a few weeks at a time throughout the year.


Examples of group work hours:

Packing up baby chicks on Tuesday mornings for shipment with our farm owner Franchesca

Moving chicken tractors and care of juvenile birds on Tuesdays with farm owner Ryan


Who we are looking for:

Someone who is interested in seeing what a season of hatching baby chicks at a hatchery is all about. We will start October with clear training of how the farm operates, we will make sure you are confident on all aspects of how we run the various systems on the farm and you will jump right in with putting the birds away at night, daily egg collecting, caring for our juvenile birds.

Things will be a slower pace from Oct-January so you can fully land at the farm and integrate with the new tasks.

Come January we will be preparing the flocks for laying and breeding after the hens have their natural break from laying in the winter. Once laying begins again you will see the magic of our breeding program and the unique chocolates, greens, speckles and interesting shades of egg colors of hens lay. As the first eggs are laid in 2023 they will be saved again for incubating and then we will be into the weekly rhythm of egg collecting, setting and hatching that lasts from February through October each year.

As the months shift so do the rhythms with the birds on the farm. We will have weekly check ins to make sure you are up to date and feeling prepared for the shifts as they come.

To thrive in this role with us you will need to be a self starter, interested in working with animals and open to learning. Must be able to lift 50lbs and have attention to detail. Must be a clear communicator and willing to ask questions while being trained. Job is 5 days a week with Friday and Saturdays off (or a different combination of days if you need). Vacations can be worked into the year for longer days/stretches off with enough planning and notice. Hours are completely flexible with exception of Tuesdays which are our hatching/cleaning day of the incubation space. The rest of the hours can be made up around your schedule, they just must be consistent for the health of the birds.

We are always evolving what we are doing on the farm and striving to be better. Interest in soil health and regenerative agriculture is a plus but not necessary. We would love to focus our energy on building up our soils in the coming years.

Who we are

We are a small family farm team running a humane chicken hatchery in Northern Sebastopol. We are run 100% on a solar array in our pasture and are plastic free in our shipping. We are striving to be plastic free on the farm and zero waste in our operation. We love inspiring and educating others on how to do the same in our industry as well as anyone keeping chickens in their backyard. We are kind, clear communicators. We live on the land where the farm is located, same as you will be. We are happy to give you your space or have you be part of our farm family with shared evenings around our outdoor fire.


We cannot accommodate applicants with a dog any larger than 5lbs due to the safety of the flocks.

Think you might be a good fit? Send us an email at:

Looking forward to meeting you!

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