Part-time Farm & Garden Mentor/Manager for Small Organic Farm & Garden (Possible Housing)

Aletheia Community

Regenerative land-based community / garden / public guest season

•• Seeking Experienced Part-time Farm & Garden Mentor/Manager for Organic Farm in Sonoma Valley (Possible Housing) ••

We are seeking a wonderful community-minded farmer/gardener with skills & experience in regenerative, organic and/or biodynamic farming practices to mentor and guide us in managing a small, 1/4 acre, low-to-no-till organic farm and garden. We are located in Sonoma Valley mid-way between Sonoma and Santa Rosa. Ideally this position would flexibly start sometime this fall/winter and go for an initial trial period of 8-10 months. After a successful first growing year together, this position would ideally become ongoing and/or be able to expand in hours, if and as mutually desired.

Our farm & garden was established in 2018 and, so far, we’ve been growing annuals, some perennials, flowers, a beginning insectary, and cover crops–all taking up only about ⅔’s of its total fenced area–meaning there’s room to grow! Our property is blessed with plentiful water, a few weekly workers, occasional volunteers, and a gorgeous truly one-of-a-kind location. We’re now seeking an experienced farming and gardening mentor/lead to anchor our small but mighty community team in our 2023 growing season as, sadly, our garden founder and current onsite lead is moving out of the area.

This farm & garden position would ideally be for 2 or 3 mornings a week, with additional self-scheduled time if and as needed, totaling roughly 8-12 hours/wk on average, depending on the season. The pay/reciprocity for this position is negotiable and depends on experience/needs. It also comes with all-you-can-grow-and-eat garden produce as well as access/enjoyment of onsite community amenities. Duties would include but not be limited to helping plan out, start and maintain seasonally rotating crops; seed/start & supply procurement; irrigation & weed management; garden planning & infrastructure improvement projects; organic/humane pest abatement (mostly ground squirrels); as well as guiding & demonstrating farming skills/tasks to weekly community workers, and occasionally anchoring larger volunteer work parties. You will need the use of your own car.

Our garden feeds our small onsite community and, during the summer only, it also supplies some items to one hyper-local organic restaurant (but we’d truly love to see this grow one day). So you’d be part of coordinating and supplying some seasonal produce to that cafe for the summer months (roughly May-Sept).

For the right person and fit, there is also the possibility of onsite living as part of the reciprocity. The available living accommodation is set within a beautiful natural setting and is lovely and private with its own entrance, however it is a rustic ‘studio-style’ single room of ~200ft² with a kitchenette and outdoor bath. There’s a short walk to a large shared kitchen, full bathroom and huge shared living room, as well as a spectacular outdoor hot tub/cold plunge area that everyone enjoys. Utilities would be included (electricity, water, internet/WiFi, trash/recycle) and there is world class hiking, biking, nature trails and parks are within 1/2 mile to 4 miles away from us in literally every direction. This housing option is really best suited for either a single person or a couple, or *possibly* for just the right family (with one still quite young child) who already live by and love their minimalist/tiny’ lifestyle. Non-smoking only, and though we love ’em, no dogs (we already have one on property who’s more impact on wildlife than we’d like!).

About Us: We are a family-oriented, tight-knit, land-based community with 7 humans currently living onsite year-round together (1 child & 6 adults, 3 of which are elders). We also have several others who live nearby who come regularly to participate in activities, service work, land tending and other gatherings. We generally spend our days working outside, being with the kids, or working from home with our onsite business, and we often enjoy sharing meals together with a game night or movie night sprinkled in here and there. We’re committed to tending our relationships and continually learning with regular practices such as holding councils, group meditation, study groups, self-inquiry and nonviolent/compassionate communication. Normally both larger community potlucks and simple small social gatherings with friends are also a regular part of our community’s heartbeat.

We are a community that shares a deep love and dedication to both personal and community practices that support regenerative, earth-based, socially just, and somatic/trauma-informed healing and wellbeing. We have backgrounds in organizational development, biology/ecology, addiction counseling, hospice, dance, yoga & movement therapy, art & design, as well as music teaching, performance and music therapy – but not farming and gardening (which is where you come in!). We’re committed to ongoing learning in regenerative economies, ecological and watershed stewardship, increasing equity & access, healing systems of domination and oppression, and centering diversity and inclusivity in what we do. Our ideal long-term fit, especially if in-residence, would be someone who strongly shares these values and this type of lifestyle and would not only love to participate in many of our activities but would find them deeply enriching and a meaningful addition to their life.

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