Assistant Production Farmer

BeeWorthy Farms

For People and Pollinators

Position Title: Production Assistant

Part-Time, Hourly: 32 hours/week M-F (5 hrs) + Tue/Thur deliveries

Compensation: $18-$21 depending on experience


About Us:

We are a certified organic cut flower farm growing on 1-acre in Encinitas, CA.  The land we grow on is leased from the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) and we share facilities with them including their walk-in cooler, barn where we design, and restrooms. All employees must pass a background check to work at BeeWorthy Farms.

Our mission is to be the trusted source for quality botanicals, providing a palette of vibrant, certified organic flowers for grocers and florists.  We approach our work with a deep respect for the delicate balance of nature, fostering ecosystem health to grow the freshest and finest products.  At BeeWorthy Farms we work carefully, as a team, to create an intentional, courageous, and harmonious workplace that supports a profitable and sustainable business.


Farm Philosophy:

The team thrives when individuals are self motivated, accountable and self-aware.  We collectively build a positive work culture at the farm, and this requires each individual to be able to take responsibility for their own well-being. Open communication is a critical aspect of our team dynamic and we must be able to be open and honest with one another, utilizing emotional intelligence to give important feedback in a kind, direct, and meaningful way.

There is a strong emphasis on getting the details right and accurate; completing work; and hitting targets, schedules and deadlines.  We value providing our customers with extremely high-quality and well-cleaned products but always work to balance this with remaining effective and conscious to the time spent on a given task.

We got into farming because we love spending time working in nature and treasure sharing that love with our crew. We know we can all get overwhelmed by farm responsibilities at times, but try to keep things light anyway. Kindness is one of the most important values at our farm. We appreciate folks who can show up with a positive attitude no matter the task and don’t take things too seriously. We love celebrating victories and successes together. We think the farm should be a joyful place to spend our days.


Job Summary: 

The Production Assistant will be responsible for assisting the Managers of BeeWorthy Farms with planting, care, maintenance, and harvest of approximately 1 acre of flower production.  This position focuses on harvest, bed preparation, planting and crop maintenance (including weeding, trellising, and fertilizing) utilizing efficient methods demonstrated by Managers. The Production Assistant will also support the team in greenhouse work, integrated pest management, landscaping, assisting in the floral studio, and making deliveries.


Job Requirements:

  • Pass a background check.  All BWF employees working at the EUSD property must pass a background check.
  • 50% Harvest.
    Set-up and break-down of field harvest station
    Harvest crops,
    Record harvest quantities,
    Parse out crops for orders.
  • 35% Field Work.
    Clear old crops/weeds from field,
    Test and fix drip irrigation lines,
    Amend beds,
    Prepare beds with broadforks,
    Weed and fertilize crops,
    Implement Integrated Pest Management techniques
    Trellis, prune, pinch, deadhead crops,
    Support with greenhouse tasks, including seeding, propagating, irrigating, and thinning.
    Assist in farm repairs, including fixing fencing.
    Maintain a safe, organized, clean and beautiful farm.
  • 10% Floral Design and Delivery.
    Floral maintenance: cutting stems, changing water, cleaning buckets.
    Floral wrapping.
    Packing for delivery.
    Delivering flowers.
    Cleaning fridge.
  • 5% Coordination and Support.
    Participate in weekly check-ins.
    Participate in semi-annual performance reviews.
    Contribute to recordkeeping and reporting.
    Maintain positive working relationships with all of BeeWorthy, Farm Lab, customers, and partnerships.
    Provide general support for BWF’s programs and events, as needed.

Essential Qualifications

● 1+ Years of farming or production experience

● Knowledge of and experience with regenerative farming practices, including a practical understanding of:

o Principles and practices of organic regenerative agriculture as related to soil health, water conservation, and integrated pest management.

o Common no-till and small scale farm equipment, including seeders, long handled farm tools, etc.

o Basic understanding of plant growth and maturation.

o Raised bed preparation and familiarity of no-till farming.

● Ability to lift a minimum of 25 pounds on a daily basis, and occasionally up to 40 pounds.

● Perform physical tasks associated with farm work.

● Be in possession of a current California’s Driver’s License and auto insurance, as well as reliable transportation.

● Attention to detail.

● Ability to work independently in an outdoor setting during various weather conditions.

● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Desired Qualifications

● Knowledge of cut-flower production

● Ability to work with a diverse set of people

● Ability to utilize technology for efficiency, communication, productivity and coordination

● Ability to work collaboratively to prioritize tasks, multi-task and keep projects moving forward to achieve a shared set of goals

● Patience, perseverance, and drive

● Self awareness and emotional intelligence

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