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Full time employment opportunity with a goal of eventual management and succession through a long-term lease/partnership of ranch in Tehama County, CA.



This position is an opportunity for people ready to make a commitment to a life in agriculture. It is ideal for someone with previous hands-on experience on a ranch or other livestock operation. It requires enthusiasm, physical strength, stamina, and a willingness to learn.  Experience with and knowledge of holistic management of pastures and livestock are highly desired.  The position is physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging.

Upon successful completion of the first year under supervision, the candidate will be seriously considered for a management position at C&R Ranch.


The candidate will develop competency and move towards autonomy with all elements of ranch operations. Practices are anchored in the principles of regenerative agriculture. During the first year, the candidate will work under the supervision of the owners.  Examples of the tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

Pasture Management and Soil Health:

·         Planning and implementing pasture rotations utilizing electric fencing;

·         No-till planting and renewal of pastures;

·         Monitoring grazing intensity to sustain adequate forage growth;

·         Soil sampling and the interpretation of soil analysis data;

·         Participating in the Point Blue Conservation Science Rangeland Monitoring Network

Cattle and Herd Management:

·         Computerized record keeping for tracking individual animals from birth or acquisition to the point of sale;

·         Animal husbandry (calving, vaccination, castration, dehorning, branding, tagging);

·         Calculation of feed consumption and supplemental feeding during dry periods.

Operation of Farm Equipment:

·         Use and maintenance of tractors, ATV’s and the farm vehicles;

·         Operation of a seed drill, harrow, rotary mower, trailers and haying equipment;

Farm Shop and Tools:

·         Welding, metalworking and basic carpentry;

·         On-farm maintenance and repair of water systems, electrical circuits and cattle managing equipment.


C & R Ranch, LLC is a small cattle ranch operating on two properties (Paskenta Ranch 340 acres, Los Molinos Ranch 140 acres) in northern California. Since 2009, Charlotte and Roy Ekland have embarked on the development of an integrated beef operation dedicated to

• Producing grass fed/grass finished beef with sustainable ranching practices;

• Improving the health, tilth and water retention capacity of the soils;

• Planting both native and domesticated perennial grasses;

• Expanding and preserving wildlife habitat;

• Employing the principles of Holistic Management.

The home ranch consists of 340 acres at the western edge of the Sacramento Valley about 120 miles northwest of Sacramento, California. To facilitate rotational grazing, the ranch is divided into 13 pastures which are further partitioned into paddocks using electric fence.  The ranch lies within the rain shadow of the Coast Range. Rolling hills with a partial cover of California blue oaks define the ecosystem. The soil is unsuitable for tillage and crop production. Annual rainfall averages about 20 inches, all of which falls between November and April. With climate change, the region faces increasing variability of annual precipitation and rising mean temperatures during the dry summer and fall months. Grass production for grazing depends entirely upon the winter rains.

The second ranch property (the Los Molinos Ranch), consists of 140 acres of which 120 are irrigated. It lies 30 miles to the northeast of the home ranch on the eastern side of the Sacramento Valley. The land is flat and graded to slope. The soil is suitable for grazing and some tree crops. Winter rains average 28 – 30 inches. The pastures are irrigated from 15 April to 15 October using flood irrigation.  As with the Paskenta ranch, electric fences subdivide the pastures into paddocks of approximately equal size. The livestock moves from one paddock to the next every three to four days.


Salary is commensurate with prior experience.

Housing:  C & R Ranch provides on-site housing at the Paskenta ranch.  The fully furnished house is of new construction consisting of one bedroom, bath and combination kitchen and living room. It can comfortably accommodate two people. Housing includes all utilities.

Health insurance:  Employee is covered by workman’s compensation insurance for any injury occurring while on the job.  C & R Ranch will make a stipend available to partially cover additional health insurance.


Please write a cover letter including the following:

·         your interest and experience in regenerative agriculture

·         your experience with livestock and pasture management

·         when you will be available to start working

·         what are your expectations for this position

Please attach your current resume.

Send your letter by email or by USPS to the appropriate address below:

Charlotte Ekland

C & R Ranch

3 Jerome Place

Chico, CA 95926







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