Farm Manager Trainee

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Holistically managed grass fed/grass finished beef operation

C & R Ranch, LLC is a small cattle ranch producing grass-fed/grass-finished beef for the premium beef market. The ranch is committed to a regenerative agriculture system of production. We practice managed grazing, pasture improvement, habitat restoration. Regenerative agriculture implies a holistic approach to improving the soil biome and the plants and fauna that it nurtures. The ranch produces hay and grazes its herd of Bonsmara cattle on two properties in Tehama County in Northern California. As part of the ranching operation, the owners, Charlotte and Roy Ekland, have made significant investments in restoring wildlife habitat and improving biodiversity. They seek to create a diverse and aesthetically rich environment for their animals and those who live on the ranch.


The duties entail all aspects of managing a commercial beef operation. The activities include, but are not limited to,
a) managing a beef cattle herd from birthing new calves to arranging harvest of finished animals;
b) production of green forage under irrigation for grazing and production of hay;
c) maintenance, repair and operation of tractors and a wide range of implements used on the different ranching operations;
d) construction and repair of fences, out-buildings, irrigation infrastructure;
e) marketing the finished beef product;
f) accounting, financial analysis and budgeting of a commercial beef business.


The successful candidate need not have a formal education in agriculture. However, he/she must demonstrate a commitment to the principles of regenerative agriculture and an interest in pursuing a long-term career in production agriculture. Experience in living in a rural environment in relative isolation is essential.

The position demands intellectual and emotional maturity. Ranching requires mental agility and the ability to analyze and solve problems on the fly. The successful candidate must have a comfort level with continually learning new skills and perfecting familiar ones. The applicant should not expect fixed schedules. Periods of down time may be followed by intense activity lasting for several weeks at a time. Needless to say, ranching has its share of hard physical labor and repetitive tasks.

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