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Carbon Farm is looking for positive attitudes and hard working individuals, couples and families that might be interested in living on and/or working at a regenerative farm in 2024 and beyond.

We are a 1462 acre farm in Wasco County just outside Dufur, Oregon that will be entering our 4th growing season in 2024.

Our main enterprises are a Market Garden, Pastured Chickens, Micro-greens and Pastured Eggs at this time and we are ready to start grazing larger animals as soon as we find the right person/fit to move forward on that part of our farm

We are looking for the right fit.  A person or couple that loves working with their hands, loves details, the data and the doing, measuring, learning, adapting cycle of improvement.

This person or couple has their own RV to live in, or is willing to live on Farm from March through Thanksgiving – so you can have up to 4 months per year off to go to Mexico or wherever you want.

As part of this position, you will be helping find and hire other full and part-time colleagues that fit our culture in the following positions, depending on what you do.

Chicken Farmer
ODA Poultry Processor
Market Gardener
Custom Grazer
Farmer’s Market Sales

We provide:
Land, Facilities, infrastructure, business models, mentorship and more in a grow and learning environment as well as living quarters if you don’t have a movable home that you love.

You provide:
Critical Thinking skills, Kindness and a consistent work ethic with a positive attitude.

Some details on the type “you” we are looking for:
– positive attitude

– enjoy working outside, getting dirty, physical tasks while observing

– Meticulous record keeping

– process improvement minded

– demonstrated history of learning and growing

– demonstrated history of collaboration
– a proactive communicator

– experience and openness in using technology tools and processes that help improve our soil and ability to bring our farm products and experiences to market in a sustainable way (from earth, community and finance perspectives)

This position is not for you if:
– You check in at 9:01 and depart at 4:59 and 59 seconds from your 9 to 5 job and are more focused on time, versus outcome.
– You love dreaming about farm work, and think you’d like to put it on your instagram is the 1st thought that comes to mind about this job and it would be “cool” and help you get more followers. (It might do that – just if that is your driving force, you might well fail at this job)
– seeing plants and animals die deeply disturbs you.  On our farm, and all that I know – things are born, grow and die.

We have a few positions opening up in 2024 based onsite Dufur, Oregon.

If you have experience in this field and or a big time Go-Getter please apply

Carbon Farm was founded by an experienced entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with just enough successes, and plenty of failures that continue to provide learning experiences and growth to continue onwards.

Some of the infrastructure we have: (Not a complete list)


– 1500 acres of rolling hills, oak savannahs, ponds, pastures, wildlife, amazing mountain views, old barns, on-farm hunting opportunities, irrigation canals and water rights.

– Regenerative farm integrating animals with crops, building soil, creating fertility with our own compost.

– Market garden including 2 greenhouses, several outdoor growing areas, an indoor microgreens business, and open air wash and pack area.

– Pastured poultry operation includes mobile structures called prairie schooners which are moved with a tractor each day, an Oregon Dept of Agriculture licenses poultry processing facility, indoor brooders, and automated water.

– Tractors, a UTV, a farm truck and so many tools and implements to do the heavy labor.


If all of this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please start the application process here

To apply for this job please visit