Full-time Seasonal Farmhand (Livestock Caretaker)

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Doyle Farm

Doyle Farm: Full-time Seasonal Farmhand  (Livestock Caretaker)

March 1st – October 1st
Location: Doyle Farm, Dixon CA
Starting Pay: $18/Hr
Full-time, 5 days/week, 40 hrs/week


Doyle Farm is a 20-acre farm just outside of Dixon CA.  We currently produce pastured poultry, eggs & beef, seasonal tree fruit, vegetables, and cut flowers in an integrated, low-input, system. We are looking for individuals who are interested in becoming farmers or who are otherwise passionate about localized sustainable food systems. Experience is a plus, but more important is a humble attitude and willingness to learn. We expect hard work and in return provide a respectful, fair, and pleasant work environment. Opportunities for long term employment may be available for outstanding seasonal workers. Housing may be available on or near the farm with a standard month-to-month rental contract.

How to Apply

Applicants should respond to this ad by sending an email to KendalleLeggett@gmail.com with a resume including recent work experience, at least two professional references, and a short message about why they would like to work at Doyle Farm.

Job Summary

The Seasonal Livestock Farmhand will assist farm management with Poultry and Cattle production and all associated tasks. Occasional assistance with landscape maintenance, and vegetable work may also be required. Farmhands will report to and take direction from the Farm Manager. Work performed will be a combination of regular daily/weekly tasks in addition to specific projects assigned by the farm manager. Farmhands may be required to work with hand tools, power tools, large machinery, livestock (including beef and poultry animals). Applicants should be prepared to work in typical environmental conditions for CA central valley and be comfortable kneeling, squatting, and lifting up to 50 lbs. Training will be provided in order to ensure proper use of all equipment and the personal safety of all staff.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to

Maintaining clean and orderly farm buildings including livestock barns, office, storage rooms, greenhouse, etc.
Pasture Management: moving irrigation lines, maintaining irrigation integrity,  tractor work, mowing and reseeding, etc.
Broiler Care: Moving shelters daily, feeding and watering, monitoring health, delivery, etc.
Laying Hen Care: Collect eggs, wash and pack eggs, feed and water, move to new forage, etc.
Cattle Care: Use electric fencing to move a small herd of cattle to fresh forage everyday, clean and fill water, move the shade structure with them and maintain its various functions.
Weed management: mowing, weed whacking, hand weeding, hoeing, mulching, smothering, flame weeding, etc.
Composting: turning, monitoring, storage, spreading, adding manure, etc
Light construction projects
Debris removal and hauling
Proper tool storage and maintenance
Tractor operation and maintenance
Various other non-specific tasks assigned by the farm manager

To apply for this job email your details to Kendalleleggett@gmail.com