Chicken Tender

Fine Feathered Friends

Help look after the baby chicks, hens, and roos.  Keep coops clean, water bowls full, feed the birds, collect the eggs, care for the ones with special needs.

We are creating an animal sanctuary and forest preserve. Looking for like minded big hearted people who are stoked to give their time in exchange for being present on a beautiful mountain top and sharing the Love of the animals.

Lots of snuggles and pets! Delicious organic vegetarian food. Wonderful breeze thru the trees and so much more in store as we expand our vision and mission thru teamwork.

This is a pay and Volunteer scenario as all our budget goes to feeding the animals, securing the land, and building more shelters. We are not in the position to take on more dependants as this is not a for-profit space currently, however we are positioned to welcome fellow happy investors who want to share their time, their creativity, their Love, and supportive FUNding.

As we grow we can bring more to market and those returns will go back to caring for the land, the animals, and the community.

Shared fruitful labor produces great abundance to share!

We have already personally invested well over $100k. into tools, seeds, the land, the animals and their needs.

You are perfect for this if you Love animals, the forest, peace on Mama Earth, care giving, gardening, holistic healing, medicinal herbs, forest crafts, building, permaculture, wild foraging, creative arts, meditation, trail building, wildfire prevention, farmers markets, clean plant based eating, fund raising, organization, accounting, promotional marketing thru social media, sustainable living, being off grid, teaching, and learning.

Perhaps you have savings or a source of online income that will sustain you thru your time here. We have good reception and can negotiate accomodations based on input.

The base minimum donation of $40./day covers your personal costs of food, water, energy, and eco camp shelter.

Harmonious fit is key. To apply to volunteer here please respond with an introductory letter that includes:

• a bit about yourself
• what work you are most passionate about
• a favorite meal and if you have any food allergies
• relevant experience
• camping and off grid experience
• if you travel with any pets or companions
• how soon you could arrive and how long you could stay
• what type of vehicle you have
• any questions you would like to ask

Looking forward to reading what you would like to share. We have over 70 animals so until there is a staff member dedicated to online endeavors, I cannot promise I will be able to personally reply to everyone. To stand out Please express your interest, what you can bring to the table, and the best way to contact you.

Thank you very much!
Blessings to all.




To apply for this job email your details to