Marketeer (Portland, Newport and Corvallis area)

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$14.75/hr – Portland State University, Shemanski Park, Hillsdale and Beaverton Markets
$13.50/hr – Newport & Corvallis Markets

Job Summary
Gathering Together Farm is a diversified fresh market vegetable farm. We pride ourselves on creating
an educational and community-oriented market experience. We value a collaborative work
environment and are honored by the energy our market staff brings to work. We want marketeers to
connect with our customers and the farm base, and to stay educated about the produce we grow.
Marketeers are the face of the farm; passionate, creative, and organized people are greatly desired.
Each marketeer can look to the market lead to learn market specifics.

Market Booth Assembly & Breakdown
GTF is well known for its beautiful and creative produce displays. There is a perfect balance between
aesthetics and functionality, and marketeers should do their best to ride that line.
• Punctuality: Arrive to market at a time which allows you to park your bike, drop your bag, greet
your friend, etc., before your shift starts.
• Set up tent, unload produce and equipment from truck, set up equipment and tables.
• Create an abundant, beautiful, and functional produce display in a timely manner, while
ensuring that backstock is always stored in the shade to retain marketability.
• Assist with getting accurate signage out for all produce before the market bell rings.
• Assist with set up of cash table, CSA table, and sample table.
• At the end of market, pack produce safely and fill out inventory sheet accurately.
• Take care to pack up market supplies and booth equipment so as not to damage anything or
leave a mess for the future. This includes creating separate pallets for dry and refrigerated
produce, separating trash from compost, and designating a specific tub for dirty dishes. Please
remember, knives and dirty dishes do not go back into sample kits.
• Assist Market Drivers and Equipment truck drivers with loading, as directed by the respective
• Assist with final booth space cleanup.

Customer Service
Represent the farm by creating a positive customer experience, maintaining an upbeat, helpful, and
customer-centric attitude, while staying educated about the produce we grow. Be kind and
acknowledge all who enter our booth. Customers are our number one priority.
• Get to know your customers and make it a priority to acknowledge them when they come into
the booth.
• Stay educated about the seasonality of our produce. Refer regularly to GTF’s weekly market
memo. Communicate with your customers

Anticipate customer needs and seek to create a positive and memorable experience.
• Answer questions in a friendly manner to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of an
answer direct the question to your FM Lead or Farm Driver.
• Do not let side conversations with co-workers or friends distract you from serving the
• Pay attention, be flexible and dynamic.
• Provide an accurate and timely checkout experience. Use mental math as much as you can and
calculators only when you really need it.
• Address customer concerns and complaints with tact and empathy, taking their concerns
seriously and referring them to the market lead when necessary.

Maintenance of the Market Booth
• Keep displays looking full and abundant during the entirety of the market. This is done through
stocking and rearranging the booth as inventory is depleted.
• Do not overstock items that have a limited shelf-life. Refer to your market lead examples.
• Extend shelf-life by keeping delicate greens misted and stacked carefully and moving umbrellas
to keep everything out of the sun as it changes throughout the day.
• Communicate with fellow marketeers to keep the booth well organized and productive.

• Communicate breaks and lunches with Market Lead and fellow marketeers. Break priority
always goes to Farm Driver first.
• Respect common workspaces.
• Maintain a pleasant, helpful relationship with co-workers, customers, and fellow vendors.
• Express needs and concerns in an open and collaborative way. Contribute to a positive work
• Ensure that restaurant orders picked up at market are properly documented on the Market
Record Keeping Sheet found in the Green Binder. The office needs the following information:
-Did the restaurant picked up their order, if the restaurant added any additional items
from market to their purchase, and whether the restaurant paid for their order at
market or not, and how they did so. They can only opt to pay later if they’ve been
billed previously through our office.
• Communicate market needs to the Farm through the Market Record Keeping Sheet. In
addition, these needs can be communicated through your FM Lead

Safety & Hygiene
• Maintain a safe work environment for yourself and the people around you.
– Don’t move past your own body’s limits, ask for help when needed, and be careful with
yourself, with others, and with produce.
– Reduce clutter and keep the booth organized and hazard free.
– Maintain the upmost attentiveness with regard to the truck, lift gate, and pallet jacks.
– We are selling food, so keeping yourselves clean while handling it is important.
– Report any incidents to the market lead.

Desired Experience:
Past experience with food, produce, farming, gardening, cooking and/or willingness to learn produce retail, display techniques, storage and handling of produce and cooking techniques. Past retail/customer service experience.

Skill, Knowledge and Abilities:
• Reliability – able to get to work at very early start times and commit to shifts in advance.
• Desire to work long, fast paced, physically demanding day out in the elements.
• Ability to multi-task and oversee a variety of tasks that occur in at once.
• Must be able to follow instructions and work independently to finish a project.
• Must be able to work as part of a team.
• Ability to educate customers about our produce.
• Must be able to stay focused on a task and still be attentive, respectful, and flexible when interacting
with customers.
• Must be able to problem solve creatively, as markets are quite dynamic places to work.
• Ability to perform pleasant, accurate and quick paced sales interactions with customers, including rather quick and accurate head math at the register.

To apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to Thank you, we look forward to receiving your application.

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