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Gathering Together Farm is hiring a seasonal employee to work as our Food Processing Manager. This position exists to oversee and participate in the processing of all value-added products. The role works in partnership with the Executive Chef and the Packing Shed Manager/Farm Owner to ensure effective product safety, quality and produce utilization. These products are sold through various marketing channels, so a clear understanding of inventory management is also required.

• Schedule is flexible could be 25-40 hours a week.
• This is a seasonal position that would last from July through the end of October. Possible opportunity to extend the length of agreed upon time dependent on availability of work.

● Starting wages dependent on experience – $16-$18/hr
● Daily Brunch (we call it snack), plus our famous Farm Lunch three days per week

● Abundance of vegetables for your household
● Generous discount in farm stand and at markets, for fresh produce, bread, value added products and meals from our restaurant

Duties and Responsibilities:

Processing Crew
• Hire 3-5 people to process for the season, preferably current GTF employees. Employees must be flexible to daily changes in workload, be able to work efficiently, and will close their circles.
-All food processing dishes, equipment and processing area cleanup and maintenance will be done by the food processing crew. Cleanup outside in prep/roasting areas including sweeping and mopping.
• Ensure the office gives the GTF Orientation to new employees, and make sure all employees have a Food
Handler’s License.
• Train all employees on all processing procedures, ensuring product quality and human safety.
– Includes where products go in the walk-in coolers and freezer.
• Schedule all employees for food processing tasks.
– Post schedule and schedule changes in the barn.
• Manage employees throughout daily operations ensuring excellent food quality.

Coordination within Farm
• Communication with Packing Shed Manager/Farm Owner, Office Staff, Truck Loaders, and the Chef on a weekly basis is crucial for operations to run smoothly, and to prevent food from going to waste.
• Food processing takes place second priority to the kitchen. Work around their oven needs, equipment needs, space needs, etc.
• Consult with Packing Shed Manager/Farm Owner to know the weekly schedule of the farm, what products flow in and out when, and how to fit food processing into the mix. This will also inform you of types and quantities of product available for processing.

• Work with Exec. Chef to stay knowledgeable about current food laws and regulations and how to ensure
• Work with Exec. Chef to calculate the cost of production of all processed products and adjust retail and
wholesale prices if needed.
• Work with the Office Staff to communicate with the marketeers on what processed items they will be selling.
• Work with the office to ensure product is on the market inventory sheets.
• Manage the relationship with First Alternative Co-op.

General Tasks
● Freezer Management
– Maintain sufficient product quantities in freezer to ensure we have enough for wholesale and restaurant use.
– Assess when freezer is too full and organize pallets to be sent to Sno Temp.
– Maintain a log of Sno Temp and GTF Freezer inventory including qty. and dates.
– Work with the Assistant Farm Manager/Logistic Coord on logistics for Sno Temp pickups and deliveries.
● Coordinate with Exec. Chef to ensure all food processing supplies and ingredients are on hand at all times.
● Maintain food processing records for all processed goods.

• Ensure fermentation protocols are followed
• Organize and track inventory management regarding dates, locations and rotation.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
• Must have the ability to remain calm in a stressful work environment and effectively use time management skills.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• High attention to detail.
• Excellent communication skills.

Minimum Requirements:
● High School Diploma or GED is required. Associates Degree in a related field preferred.

Physical requirements
● Physically capable of lifting at least 50lbs, standing for long periods of time, and working in a warm environment.

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If you have questions prior to submitting your cover letter and resume, please direct them to the email address above, including a contact number. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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