Microgreen Grower

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Regenerative urban farm

We are looking for a star team member to bring their A-game to our farm. Opportunity to grow for The Hungry Gardens. In this role, you will support the complete growing cycle, and end-to-end process for all of our culinary varieties and ensure on-time delivery for our customers throughout LA.

Required Skills:

***MUST HAVE ***** 1 year of hands-on microgreen growing experience on a commercial farm

Please know we will not consider applicants without at least 1 year of verified farm employment.

  • Self-starter knows what needs to be done and makes it happen.
  • Grounded in efficiency, it’s your guiding principle in decision-making.
  • Excellent communicator who shares concise but necessary info and asks questions as needed.
  • Can handle fast-paced environments with high stakes.
  • Master of time management
  • Hyperaware, catches variances and nuances in the surrounding environment.
  • Ability to prioritize and adjust where necessary to meet objectives.
  • Highly organized, neat, and prefers order.
  • Thirst for knowledge, constantly expanding skillset.
  • Ability to transfer knowledge to others

Bonus Skills:

  • Produce packing and grading
  • Edible flower experience and harvest
  • Growing Starts
  • Operating in a GAP-certified farm


  • Seeding, Watering, Harvest & Pack
  • Ensure growing spaces are clean and operating at 100%
  • Organize and prepare harvests for delivery.
  • Ensure regular maintenance of all equipment.
  • Suggest infrastructure upgrades and process improvements as needed
  • Maintain quality and accuracy of produce orders.
  • Communicate daily updates.
  • Daily recordkeeping

Apply by visiting our website.  About > Join Our Team.
Follow this link to apply: https://www.hungrygarden.org/join-our-team

To apply for this job please visit www.hungrygarden.org.