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we make jams & shrubs from locally grown organic fruit

Summer Jam Kitchen Production Team Member (seasonal position)

Learn more about who we are and what we do here:
Location: 1307 61st Street, Emeryville
Start Date: TBD – the earliest will be May 16, the latest will be May 30
End Date: TBD – the earliest will be November 3, the latest will be November 22
Potential for long term hire: there’s a chance that a long-term year-round position will become available – current short-term employees will get priority for this long-term position.
pay rate: $25/hour
Paid Time Off: the equivalent of 4 weeks per year (for every 12 hours worked, you get 1 hour of PTO = so you earn about 15 hours of PTO per month of work)

What’s this work like?
We make 23 different jams, 12 different shrubs, salt-preserved lemons, ginger snacks, and chili salt. We work with different fruits as the seasons change, so we’re making different products every week. The bulk of the job is:
• Prepping fruit (light-weight repetitive hand work)
• Weighing ingredients (reading a recipe, reading numbers on a scale)
• Filling and capping jars (1 pound repetitive hand work, using machines)
• Lifting pots of hot jam (30 pounds)
• Maintaining relentless quality control (every jar of jam has to be perfect. We take pride in our work)
• Cleaning, labeling, and inspecting jars (1 pound repetitive hand-work, short-distance vision)
• Cleaning up the kitchen with the rest of the team (and washing pots).
• This is VERY physical work – it requires some strength and a lot of stamina, constant use of hands and wrists, and frequent stair climbing.

What’s the work culture like?
• We are a very small team (right now there are two owners + two employees, we are hiring two more employees for the summer production season of May-November). We all treat each other with respect and help each other out. If you’re looking for a job where you can do as little as possible this isn’t the right job for you.
• We do quality work efficiently, this is a pretty mellow environment. There’s not a lot of loud music playing or a ton of socializing. We’re very busy and are focused on getting our work done (introverts welcome).
• We truly care about making high quality products. It takes a great deal of skill, effort, and attention to make products at the standards that we strive for, and we derive personal satisfaction from what we accomplish. If you like to make things and enjoy the process of making things, this might be the right job for you.
• As a super small team, everyone is cross-trained. There’s lots to learn (but not to worry – not all at once! we train slowly and thoroughly) – if you like learning new skills and using them, this might be the right job for you.
• This is a good job, and a nice place to work. A former employee who moved away described it as “the best job I’ve ever had.” Another employee who moved away wrote to say “your kitchen is the best and most efficient I’ve ever worked in. I’m reflecting appreciatively on my time in your employ, thank you for being genuinely helpful, straightforward, competent, and considerate. I really appreciate what INNA taught me about systems & flow.”

Physical Demands / Applicants should be able to:
• stand on their feet for the whole day
• lift 50 pounds (bags of sugar)
• climb stairs while carrying things with both hands
• do repetitive tasks with their hands/wrists/elbows (repetitive weight up to 1 pound)
• be able to visually see text and details up close (short distance eyesight)

Language Requirements:
• Our kitchen team speaks English. Every day we do different work that requires communicating with the rest of the team, receiving instructions, and asking questions. English language proficiency is required.

Other Requirements:
• Positive attitude and respectful behavior (for real. we have a strict no jerks policy)

And you’re probably wondering:
• Previous professional kitchen experience is welcome but not required.
• The schedule is Tuesdays-Fridays 7:30am-6pm.
• Benefits for year-round employees:
– 4 weeks of paid time off a year + holidays
– Profit-share retirement benefits after one year
– Pay raises are scheduled twice a year.

To apply for this job email your details to