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Funding Research and Efforts to Improve Honey Bee Health

Honey bees help ensure the supply of diverse and affordable food such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts through essential pollination services. Project Apis m. (PAm) is the go-to organization at the interface of research, honey bees, and agriculture. Since 2006, we have funded over $10 million in honey bee research and $2.9 million in forage programs. We are a 501(c)5 nonprofit organization operating remotely. We offer a collaborative, accountable, efficient, and flexible workplace. Join us and help make the lives of honey bees and crop producers brighter!

The Climate-Smart Habitat Manager supports PAm’s mission by directly contributing to the Seeds for Bees Program in California. They will manage the application & enrollment processes, delivery of seeds, and promotion and execution of technical assistance for cover cropping in working lands, liaising with the Blue Diamond Growers representatives with the Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities Grant, and interacting with research efforts on honey bee nutrition and pollinator habitat in California’s working lands. The Climate-Smart Habitat Manager engages with growers in California’s Central Valley to recruit Seeds for Bees participants. This position represents Project Apis m. at national and regional meetings, providing an overview of all PAm’s programs and promoting our mission and strategic plan.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist in management and operations of the Seeds for Bees program in California, executing the strategic plan as it relates to Seeds for Bees growth and development
  • Collaborate with Blue Diamond Growers’ Orchard Stewardship Incentive Program (OSIP) and Grower Relations teams to strategically, efficiently, and professionally execute all parameters and requirements of the Partnership for Climate-smart Commodities grant
  • Establish and manage a database to track and manage Seeds for Bees participation.
  • Represent Project Apis m. and Seeds for Bees at regional, state, and national meetings through presentations, tabling, webinars, panels, etc.
  • Engage in development activities on behalf of Project Apis m. as necessary
  • Participate in PAm’s current partnership projects and cultivate additional partnerships in the areas of supply chain, climate-smart agriculture, pollination, beekeeping, and crop and grower networks
  • Write technical content articles for PAm in industry publications, and contribute to the organizational communications and social media plan

Desired Qualifications*

  • Farming Experience – A minimum of 3 years working on farms or ranches and/or with farmers and ranchers, especially in the areas of almond production and/or perennial tree nut systems
  • Cover Crop Experience – A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience working with cover crops in working lands
  • Topical Knowledge – Firm understanding of honey bees pollination, integrated pest management, crop control measures and climate-smart alternatives and agricultural resource management
  • Facilitation and Coordination Experience – A demonstrated ability to effectively engage and organize various stakeholders to accomplish program goals.
  • Analytical Skills – Demonstrated ability to use appropriate tools to report program outputs and outcomes and interpret analysis to improve the program.
  • Strategic Thinking – Demonstrated ability to think strategically about climate-smart practices and growth of PAm’s habitat programs.
  • Problem Solving – Demonstrated ability to use critical thinking to seek out, identify, and communicate solutions to challenges as they arise.
  • Technology-Proficiency with Microsoft suite, data visualization, project management and database software
  • Communication Skills – Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills, presenting to a variety of audiences
  • Team Building Skills – Problem solving, listening, and organizing to support teamwork and team development with co-workers and external partners
  • Adaptability – Highly self-motivated ability to work independently and collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders under general guidance from Executive Director.

Preferred Experience*

  • Degree in a related field with at least 3 years of field experience
  • Experience working with honey bees in the field
  • Experience planting or the facilitation of planting of winter annual cover crops or habitat program
  • implementation including seed mixes in the field
  • Experience working with large agricultural organizations, especially co-operatives
  • Experience with grant requirement tracking and reporting
  • Experience with perennial cover crops in working lands
  • Possess a working knowledge of carbon capture and the market forces developing in global food systems and supply chains

* You need not have all these qualifications to apply, please highlight your experience in these areas in your resume and cover letter

This is a full-time, non-exempt position, with a start date in June 2023.
PAm operates remotely, the employee location is in California, and some travel is necessary.
Annual Salary range $50,000-$55,000

100% medical coverage for employee, dependents may be added at the employee’s cost
a 401K account matched up to 6%
paid holidays, vacation, and sick time

To apply please email a cover letter, resume and three references in one pdf to our operations director at No calls please. The position is open until filled.

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