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Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) across California serve as local hubs for conservation, connecting people with the technical, financial and educational assistance they need to conserve and manage natural resources. RCDs help landowners, land managers, government agencies, and others to voluntarily protect, restore, and enhance natural resources on private and public lands. A defining characteristic of RCDs is that our assistance is generally non-regulatory, confidential, and free. The Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County has ongoing projects that promote natural resource conservation in relation to farming and ranching operations and watershed-based habitat restoration. The RCD of Santa Cruz County seeks a Program Specialist to join a dynamic team of conservation and agriculture professionals.  The Program Specialist will work closely with staff and partners to lead development and implementation of stewardship in agriculture projects throughout Santa Cruz County and in the Pajaro Valley in particular. Example projects the Program Specialist will lead include management of the Recharge Net Metering Program (a collaboration between the RCD, the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, UC Santa Cruz, and participating landowners that incentivizes installation of managed aquifer recharge projects on farms to improve groundwater sustainability), planning and implementation of stormwater management, collection, and infiltration projects, and on-farm conservation planning. This work supports agriculture’s efforts to steward water supplies, protect water quality, and protect our watersheds. The work environment is fast paced, collaborative, and creative. For more information visit

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. We will begin interviewing strong candidates the week of May 23, 2022.

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