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Small scale regenerative vegetable and seed farm

Join Seed Peace/ Farm Collaborative and learn the necessary skills to grow seed and high quality produce organically in an alpine climate. The apprentices will participate in all aspects of farming from seed to table.

We are looking for 3 apprentices to join us for the 2024 harvest season! Ideal timeframe is (April 15th or May 1st – Nov 1st)

Job includes (but not limited to):

Growing healthy nursery starts
Minimal tillage and no till garden bed preparation
Watering nursery starts
Direct seeding
Maintaining weeds
Pruning and maintaining greenhouse crops
Operating and maintaining alpine hoop house
Cover cropping strategies for soil maintenance
Using tarps for weed control
Breeding annual crops like (tomato, cucumber among others)
Breeding bi-annual crops like (carrot and onion among others),
Vegetable and seed harvesting
Post harvest washing and packing of vegetables
Helping set up and run a farmers market
Helping run spring nursery sales
Cleaning of vegetable seeds
In class farming education

The apprenticeship at  Seed Peace is a hands on educational experience where the apprentice completes tasks 4 days per week. With a half day of in class education with farmer Casey. A room in a shared apprentice house with internet and laundry is provided along with farm produce and local grains.

Ideal candidates:

Have enthusiasm for hands on learning
Are focused on education during the apprenticeship time frame
have compassion and respect for all involved
respect the land and all the life
enjoy cooking and sharing meals
are open and respectful of others perspectives (especially on food and diet)
Are respectful of others cultures
Are willing to try new things
Respect that all tasks on the farm are sacred to the farms success
Asks question and takes initiative to study during nights and free time

To learn more about us, find us on instagram @seedpeace

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