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Shooty Booms LLC


Sonoma, California

We are a 6 acre  immersive, regenerative agriculture farm focusing on a full diet. Located in the Sonoma Valley, the fledgling farm has been working with designers and regenerative farmers to create a design for an intensive diverse farm with animal integration. We are a team that is located around the globe with the shared values of healing ecosystems through regenerative agriculture while producing whole, healthy and nutrient dense food.

We are looking for 1 individual with experience in agriculture – intensive no-till crop production, livestock, dairy management, silviculture, perennial systems, fencing, equipment operation, water systems, irrigation, perennial orcharding, and permaculture.  We expect candidates who understand the value of hard work and are interested in committing several years to build this farm.

Farmer duties include, but are not limited to:

Managing farm and no-till vegetable production
Crop Planning, Planting, tending and harvest management and post harvest processing of many crop varieties
Tractor operation, composting, soil sampling
Irrigation install and management, greenhouse production
Farm business management including excel, budgets, cost analysis
Community engagement including farm tours and mentoring
Manage a small flock of sheep and goats using low stress livestock handling and regenerative grazing
Grazing planning includes creating and adjusting grazing plans, collecting and analyzing monitoring data, understanding ecology, managing health of pastures, soils, and animals.
Build and maintain water systems, fencing, infrastructure; operating and maintaining ATVs, tractors, equipment, and facilities, landscape, and road maintenance.
Assist with distribution, prepare & transport value added products.
Assist with trials, experiments and/or research projects.
Working with a site design to implement plantings to specifications
Skills: Minimum: 2 years of Farming experience on regenerative, permaculture or no-till farm. Planning and implementing orchard/nursery/farm design. Experience with monitoring health of plants and soil, record keeping and tracking data.  Experience with pest and disease management in perennial organic systems.

Aptitude: Interest in increasing knowledge of holistic management, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and perennial systems. Maintain positive, cooperative relationships, communicate effectively with colleagues.  Organized and able to keep neat records.

Attitude: High standards of efficient, ethical, and professional operation for the well-being of the farm, staff, facilities, land, animals, and resources.  Self starter that can also take direction.


Creating value-added food products from farm goods (ex: pickles and farmstead cheese)
Culinary experience
Proficient in business budgeting and accounting
Carpentry skills
Tractor/Heavy Machinery experience


We are looking for someone with a combination of experience, training, and skills that include:

Education: courses, conferences, internships or workshops in agriculture, livestock, natural resource management, science or policy, or equivalent.
Experience: Ranch or farm work, livestock, veterinary care, orcharding, perennial systems, gardening, nursery work
License or Certificate:Valid California Driver’s license.
Essential duties require the following physical skills and work environment:

Ability to perform farm-related duties including: 10+hour days (as needed) in winter and summer outdoor conditions; a considerable amount of physical effort in the performance of assigned duties; ability to work around animals, farm tools, and equipment; subject to outdoor working conditions and work safely around hazards associated with farming, ability to travel to different sites and locations.

The weekly work schedule is 40-60 hours per week depending on season. Holidays and Time off must be planned in advance. This position reports to Doniga Markegard, the Project Manager or his/her delegate. Time frame 2 year commitment.



45-52k a year depending on experience.
Housing Included

Please submit cover letter,  resume and questions to:

Deadline:  December 15th

Phone interviews will be held the week of December 19th and on-site Interviews of top candidates will be held the week of January 2nd.

To apply for this job email your details to