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Sonoma Coast Seaweed

Seaweed Business for Sale

The seaweed harvest company collects, processes and packs dried material for sale to chefs and grocers in the bay area.  The business has been earning income for 16 years.  Demand has steadily increased and there is more room to grow.  Currently there are no local competitors in Sonoma County, and the market is not saturated.  The sale includes mentorship of systems, documents, and gear to expedite your success.

·      June and July are intense harvest months.

·      Harvest and processing days are physically demanding, with some 16-hour days.

o   Week-on week-off for 8 to 10 weeks.

o   You could potentially double the number of harvest days with increased staff.

o   The schedule for the rest of the year are flexible, with sales hours easily added onto a full time job.

·      Potential for growth: create a value-added item, incorporate team-mates, online sales, placement in catalogs, fresh seaweed sales, expand to out of CA sales, etc.


What you’re buying:

·      The founder’s mentorship / training.

·      The only licensed seaweed harvest business in Sonoma County.  Closest provider to Bay Area buyers.

·      Systems, documents and gear for harvest, processing and selling.

·      Sales accounts

o   List of contacts and buyers – includes crucial distributor account and independent buyers.

o   A solid and increasing demand and market for Sonoma Coast seaweed.  (Sell out every year)

o   15 years of market research and systems creation

·      Documents

o   List of beaches to harvest at and what species they contain.

o   Email communication templates for: harvesters, processors, buyers.

o   Harvest weight tracking for CA Dept. Fish & Wildlife.

o   Tide-book seasonal planning chart. (12 data tracking columns)

o   Processing and wash-station gear check lists.

·      Gear

·      Option to buy all existing dried seaweed inventory at a bulk wholesale rate, so you can begin sales asap.

·      Gross annual earnings:

2020    $38,948.

2021    $35,720. (Covid impacted restaurant sales)

2022    $40,624.


Current owner will:

·      Connect new business owners to all pre-existing buyers to aid in the successful transition.

·      Be available for consulting/mentorship for many years, at an agreed upon rate.

·      Sign a non-compete agreement.

·      Put your business name on my website and forward product purchase inquiries to your new business.

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