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Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) is seeking a new Director to take the organization into its next chapter. This is an opportunity to build on SAGE’s many accomplishments, intellectual property, reputation, ongoing projects and broad network, while bringing complementary experience, knowledge, and networks. It is also an opportunity for an individual to bring their own drive and creativity to the entrepreneurial and whole systems approach that Founding Director Sibella Kraus has imbued in SAGE. While there is flexibility in direction, the ideal candidate has an extensive background in and a passion for healthy, equitable food systems, resilient communities, and regenerative agriculture.
Sibella and the SAGE Board envision working collaboratively with the new Director during a transition period to develop a high-level strategic plan that will assure financial sustainability and programmatic continuity and growth. The specifics and duration of the transition period will depend on factors including: desires and experience of the new Director in terms of taking over management of current projects; integration of any existing project work of the Director (if applicable); development of new projects; and the hand-over of administrative and development responsibilities. Sibella is available to support the new position in an interim employee position (e.g. Co-Director, Emeritus Director) or in a consultant capacity or, in the future, as a Board member.
Currently, the Director position is supported by a contract bookkeeper, who also takes on some high-level administrative and office management responsibilities, and also by a highly experienced development and communications contractor. In the past, SAGE has employed administrative and programmatic staff (usually part-time), but does not currently. SAGE regularly hires UC Berkeley work study students and graduate students for a range of project assistance, research and project development responsibilities. Along with recruiting for an Executive Director, SAGE is also recruiting for a Project Manager position.
Responsibilities (could be undertaken incrementally, by agreement of the Board and current and incoming ED)
● Co-development of a new, three-year strategic plan
● Management of current projects (starting with management of selected projects)
● Management of SAGE administration
● Fundraising, development and communications
● Development of new projects

● Participation in SAGE networks and coalitions
● Support for the continued development of a SAGE Nonprofit Consulting group (SAGE CG), a
consortium of values-aligned, diverse professionals, with a broad range of multidisciplinary technical skills and experience and a shared commitment to advancing healthy, equitable, and resilient food systems across the U.S.
● Demonstrable leadership, team cohesion, project development and collaboration experience
● Multidisciplinary background relevant to resilient food and agriculture systems (e.g. farm business, agronomy, natural sciences, sustainability, economics, policy analysis, health and nutrition, land use, community development, market research, advocacy, communications and messaging)
● Passion for advancing equitable, inclusive, resilient agriculture and food systems, using a collaborative and holistic systems approach to problem solving
● Experience working on local, regional, state and national scales
● Aptitude for the challenges and opportunities of leading a small, entrepreneurial
organization, preferably a nonprofit, including familiarity with multiple office software
● Excellent communication skills
SAGE’s office is in the David Brower Center in Berkeley on the block between the UC Berkeley campus and the downtown Berkeley BART station. SAGE is the master tenant of a suite which also has three other subtenants. SAGE’s office consists of private office and cubicle space.
$110,000 – $135,000. Depends on experience, including track record with developing and funding projects.
How to apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to SAGE: hiring@sagecenter.org by August 31. Start date by around October 1, 2022.

SAGE has two program areas: Urban Edge Agricultural Revitalization and Urban-Rural Connections. Through these two linked programs, SAGE aims to make multifunctional, urban-edge agriculture
Founded in 2001, SAGE revitalizes sustainable urban-edge agriculture, fosters healthy local and
regional food systems, and connects diverse urban communities with the people and places that
grow their food. As a lean, entrepreneurial nonprofit organization, our approach is to generate big-
vision ideas and implement them through collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

and robust local and regional food systems key elements of resilience planning and investment in regions throughout California and beyond. Over its 22-year history, SAGE has effectively advanced local-serving sustainable agriculture through pioneering and replicable place-based projects and systems-based tools, frameworks and assessments. As a result, SAGE has been instrumental in strengthening the economic viability and visibility of metro-region agriculture and deepening the engagement of diverse audiences with their local foodsheds.
As our work is highly collaborative, SAGE’s portfolio includes projects we have led, co-led and on which we have been a subcontractor. Work that SAGE conceptualizes and conducts with funding and implementation partners includes place-based projects, foodshed and agricultural economic viability assessments, feasibility studies and business plans, toolkits, white papers, and conceptual frameworks that support and promote a sustainable food system. SAGE has produced dozens of publications and presented our work at conferences and meetings large and small. Our reports and presentations share the concepts, frameworks and tools we have developed and the knowledge we have gleaned through on-the-ground projects to model these concepts.
In our fee-for-service work, which is an increasingly important part of our portfolio, SAGE assists clients in developing place-based agriculture and local food projects and studies. Our consulting and technical services include existing conditions analysis, strategy documents, stakeholder engagement and facilitation of multi-party collaborations. Our partners and clients, some of whom we have worked with for decades, include public agencies, land trusts, farmers and agricultural associations, planning and economic consultancy firms, public-interest organizations, educators, health experts, and urban and rural community groups. Partner organizations and leaders have cited SAGE’s ability to conceptualize models, operationalize vision and convene diverse partners to find common ground as unique in the ecosystem of sustainable agriculture organizations.

To apply for this job email your details to Hiring@sagecenter.org