California Farmers Climate Pledge


As California farmers and ranchers, our livelihoods as well as the ability to feed America entirely depends on the climate. Working close to Nature, we are the first to notice shifts in weather. On our land and in our harvests, we bear the brunt of floods, drought and rising temperatures.
We are soil stewards who belong to a community beyond our own fields; we don’t plant for seasons but for generations. It’s with this legacy in mind that we pledge our support for the science, commitment and goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement.
We vow to continually improve our own on-farm practices to conserve energy and sequester carbon, but we also believe in the dire importance of a collective, worldwide commitment by all nations—including our own—to meet the 1.5 degrees Celsius target stated in the Paris Climate Agreement, all while building a cleaner, 21st century economy.
As members of the agricultural community, we are concerned by our president’s decision to pull America out of this agreement. We disagree with the current administration that this international accord will harm our economy without mitigating the climate crisis.
We ask that our leaders return America to its role as a collaborative, global leader in combating Climate Change. And in the meantime, we support state-based initiatives as well as citizen-funded programs—unbeholden to federal policy shifts—that recognize not only the dire consequences that inaction will have on our farms, ranches and food supply, but also the regenerative role that we farmers and ranchers can play in reversing these dangerous trends and restoring a healthy carbon cycle.
America depends on farmers. And farmers depend on the climate. Now is the time to act.



Rich Collins, The Collins Farm  ~  Dixon, CA

Gowan Batist, Fortunate Farm  ~  Caspar, CA

Judith Redmond, Full Belly Farm  ~  Guinda, CA

Caiti Hachmyer, Red H Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Bob Knight, Old Grove Orange   ~   Redlands, CA

Dale and Christine Coke, Coke Farms  ~  San Juan Bautista, CA

Ken Kimes, New Natives  ~  Aptos, CA

Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Cindy Lashbrook,  Riverdance Farm  ~  Livingston, CA

Guido Frosini, True Grass Farms  ~  Valley Ford, CA

Amythst, One Family Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Seth Chapin, Evermore Flowers  ~  Napa, CA

Sallie Calhoun, Paicines Ranch  ~  Paicines, CA

Jesse Pizzitola, First Light Farm  ~  Petaluma, CA

Arron Wilder, Table Top Farm  ~  Pt. Reyes, CA

Ben Hansen, 24 Carrot Farm  ~  Placerville CA

Joey Smith, Let’s Go Farm  ~  Santa Rosa, CA

Misty Gay, Freestone Ranch  ~  Freestone, CA

Deb Rock, Darling Farms  ~  Santa Rosa, CA

Tucker Taylor, Jackson Family Gardens  ~  Fulton, CA

Julia and Andy Henderson, Confluence Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Robert & Virginia Hilsman, Double Oak Vineyards & Winery  ~  San Juan Ridge, CA

Aaron Gilliam, Monkey Ranch  ~  Petaluma, CA

Chris Jaster & Kadie Jacques, Woven Stem Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Randi Pratini, Fresh Starts Organic Farm  ~  Nevada City, CA

Paula & Adam Gaska, Mendocino Organics  ~  Redwood Valley, CA

Lennie Larkin, B-Side Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Jarrod Groves, Wild Willow Farm  ~  San Diego, CA

Andrea Davis-Cetina, Quarter Acre Farm  ~  Sonoma, CA

Shannon Friedberg, Nightingale Farms  ~  Grass Valley, CA

Deb and John Kiger, Kiger Family Vineyard  ~  Santa Rosa, CA

Emma Torbert, The Cloverleaf Farm  ~  Davis, CA

​Aubrie Maze & Scott Kelly, Brambletail  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Suzi Grady, Petaluma Bounty  ~  Petaluma, CA

Jeff Wells, Sunrock Farm  ~  Nevada City, CA

Hedda Brorstrom, Full Bloom Flower Farm  ~  Graton, CA

Kyle Forrest Burns, Nye Ranch  ~  Fort Bragg, CA

Libby Batzel, Beet Generation Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Caymin Ackerman, Big Mesa Farm  ~  Bolinas, CA

Aubrianne Zamora, Zamora Flora  ~  Winters, CA

David Davidson-Methot PhD, 2nd Chance Ranch  ~  Grass Valley, CA

Marie Hoff, Capella Grazing  ~  Potter Valley, CA

Ryan Johnston, Ethic Ciders  ~  Sebastopol, CA

Connor McClelland, Mount Woodson Acres  ~  Ramona, CA

Reed Hamilton, Grass Valley Grains  ~  Grass Valley, CA

Wayne Morgenthaler, Oasis Community Farm  ~  Petaluma, CA

Laurie Smith, Red Rose Half Acre  ~  Windsor, CA

Katy Baumgras, Santa’s Trees  ~   Sebastopol, CA​

Debbie Gibbs, Heronview Ranch  ~  Nevada City, CA

Richard Bennett, Bennett Farms Inc.  ~  Visalia, CA

Stepheni Norton, Dickinson Farm  ~  National City, CA

Elizabeth Fendrick, Tara Firma Farms  ~  Petaluma, CA

Angelina & Scott Young, Blue Newt Farm  ~  Nevada City, CA

Arend Westra, Earth Equals Farm  ~  San Diego, CA

Ken Barrett, Starbright Acres Family Farm  ~  Grass Valley CA

Layla Aguilar, Bi Rite Market Farm  ~  Sonoma, CA

Matthew Henry, Henry Brothers Ranch  ~  Angwin, CA

Deborah Stevens, Worm Endings Unlimited  ~  Napa, CA

Brian Boyce, Rinky Dink Ranch  ~  Rumsey, CA

Claire Wirick, Cannard Farm  ~  Glen Ellen, CA

Peter Buckley, Front Porch Farm  ~  Healdsburg, CA

Kerin Gould, PhD, Produce with a Purpose  ~  Elverta, CA

Sara Bernal, West Sacramento Urban Farm  ~  West Sacramento, CA

Chris Hay, Say Hay Farms  ~  Esparto CA

Albert Katz, KATZ Farm  ~  Suisun Valley, CA

Darek Trowbridge, Old World Winery  ~  Fulton, CA

Charles Schembre, Huichica Creek Vineyard, Napa County RCD  ~  Napa-Carneros, CA

Randall Hughes, Haight Ave Farms  ~  SF, CA

Dennie Giles, Paradise Valley Ranch  ~  San Diego County, CA

Lynn Court, Smitten Homestead  ~  Newcastle, CA

Robert Steinacher, Maywood Farms  ~  Corning CA

Veva Edelson, Piano Farm  ~  Bloomfield, CA

Patrick Mutchell, Windy River Farm & Wayside Farm School  ~  Castaic, CA

Claire Perricelli, Green Gulch  ~  Eureka CA

Christopher Locke, Locke Ranch, Inc., est. 1850  ~  Lockeford, CA

Steve Gliessman, Condor’s Hope Ranch  ~  Cuyama Valley, CA

Henry robertson, Henry’s Olives ~  Eureka, CA

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Casari Ranch  ~  Point Arena, CA

Russ Lester, Dixon Ridge Farms  ~  Winters, CA

Erin Tormey, Farm Fatales  ~  Half Moon Bay, CA

Philip LaRocca, LaRocca vineyards  ~  Forest Ranch, CA

Rebecca Nielsen, Dragon Spring Farm  ~  Cambria, CA

Renée Robin, Pepper Lane Farm  ~  Petaluma, CA

Rebecca Bozzelli, Lantern Farm  ~  Cloverdale CA

Angie Ouellette, Live Oak Farm  ~  Petaluma, CA

Bill Taylor, Floodgate Farm  ~  Redwood Valley, CA

Ted, Laddie & Chris Hall, Long Meadow Ranch  ~  Rutherford, CA

Mark Schlesinger, Little Paradise Farm  ~  Sonoma, CA

Alli Cecchini, First Generation Farmers  ~  Brentwood, CA

Jenny & Vince Trotter, Kibo Farm  ~  Santa Rosa, CA

Rebecca King, Monkeyflower Ranch  ~  Royal Oaks, CA

Adam Davidoff, New Family Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

John Swift, Bear Creek Ranch  ~  Los Osos, CA

Sarah McCamman, Heavy Dirt CSA  ~  Davis, CA

Jake Coursen, Elyse Winery and Vineyard  ~  Napa, CA

Ellee Igoe, Solidarity Farm  ~  Pauma Valley, CA

Jesse Smith, Casitas Valley Farm  ~  Ventura, CA

Ted Richardson, Bella Ridge Farm  ~ Occidental, CA

Richard King, Poppy Hill Farm  ~  Petaluma, CA

Kathleen Schwallie, Blue Egg Farm  ~  Orinda, CA

Lindsey Hickman, Hickman Farm  ~  Dixon, CA

Jennifer Branham, Laguna Farm  ~  Sebastopol, CA

The Bernier Family, Bernier Farm  ~  Geyserville, CA

Katie Koch, Flower Mama ~ Davis, CA



Our Climate Smart Farming program aims to reduce the agricultural sector’s carbon footprint by working with farmers throughout California to adopt practices that sequester carbon and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • We advocate for state funds directing resources to farmers for climate smart practices and provide assistance to farmers applying.
  • We work with farmers and researchers to promote adoption of climate smart farming by recruiting, assisting, and monitoring farms around the state that are attempting innovative practices, sharing results and best practices among the ag community.
  • We assist thousands of CA family farmers in successfully adopting climate smart farming practices and creating a plan for scaling up the adoption of climate smart practices throughout agriculture.

To combat climate change, we’ll need a broad suite of practices and a diversity of farmers committed to the sustainability of our agricultural legacy. From cover-cropping to no-till agriculture, livestock integration to hedgerows and pollinators, from holistic rangeland management to dry farming, we invite you to learn more and join us in this vital work.