CAFF seeks team members who are passionate about farms, sustainable ag, local food.  Read more about CAFF’s mission, values, and history and how we have been creating more resilient family farms, communities, and ecosystems since 1978.

Current job openings at CAFF are listed below. For other food and farming jobs, visit our Jobs Board.



The Finance Director provides oversight to all organizational financial activities to ensure CAFF stays in strong financial standing. This position will be an important part of CAFF’s Administration and Operations teams and will work closely with members of those teams. Responsibilities in this role include: Analyzing trends to reduce financial risks associated with spending decisions; creating budgets, including evaluating the needs of each program area; synthesizing complex information and offering advice regarding spending and budget questions; supervising finance and accounting staff. The Finance Director will ensure the organization is following all accounting standards to the highest degree. They will prepare quarterly and annual reports, including the preparation of monthly financial statements and cash flow updates. They will work collaboratively with CAFF’s Staff Accountant, external bookkeeper, and external CPA on annual audit and annual tax returns and report quarterly to the Board of Director on organization’s finances.



The Small Farm Technology Advisor will play an important role on our Farmer Services team by leading small farm appropriate technology technical assistance efforts within the broader Fresno region. This position was created under the development of the Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation (F3) Coalition, an exciting new development for the Fresno community which received $65.1 million from the American Rescue Plan to accelerate the integration of technology and skills in the region’s agriculture industry—improving productivity and job quality for existing farm workers while driving a more resilient and sustainable food system. This position will be an integral member of the CAFF Small-Farm Tech Hub team and will serve other farmers across California as available and appropriate. 

This position will focus on the use and development of appropriate farm technology best suited to the needs of small acreage farmers, including but not limited to; open source, grassroots agricultural technology and innovation, tools adapted to agroecology, digital, software, hardware, on-field production tools from hand tools to robotic carts, etc. Special focus will be dedicated to the topics of data and technological sovereignty, prioritizing farmer-led technological solutions and traditional knowledge, and local challenges experienced by farmers in the Fresno region. This position will play a key role in helping CAFF and the Tech Hub to address the vast disparities related to accessing resources and best-fit technologies for California small farms. This position will help to build out a program that supports an emergent socio-technical ecosystem orientated around agroecology, strengthening local and regional economies, and contributing to a growing innovation commons.


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Founded in 1978, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is a California-based nonprofit that builds sustainable food and farming systems through local and statewide policy advocacy and on-the-ground programs in an effort to initiate institutionalized change. Our programs address current problems and challenges in food and farming systems, creating more resilient family farms, communities and ecosystems. We work to support family farmers and serve community members throughout the state, including consumers, food service directors, schoolchildren and low-income populations with the aim of growing a more resilient, just and abundant food system for all Californians.