CAFF seeks team members who are passionate about farms, sustainable ag, local food.  Read more about CAFF’s mission, values, and history and how we have been creating more resilient family farms, communities, and ecosystems since 1978.

Current job openings at CAFF are listed below. For other food and farming jobs, visit our Jobs Board.


Position Summary: The Specialist will provide administrative and technical support to the whole organization, building and maintaining online systems, database management, office organization, member and donor processing, and general tech management. CAFF is seeking a detail-oriented, tech-savvy team player with a knack for organization and a passion for local food and sustainable agriculture. 
Position Overview: CAFF is seeking a key addition to our Administrative team to help oversee the many systems and technologies used behind-the-scenes that keep our dynamic and growing organization functioning efficiently. The Administrative and Systems Specialist should bring a passion for family farms and sustainable agriculture as well as the tech and organizational skills needed to create, operate and improve a variety of online systems. Working closely with both our Operations Director and our Director of Membership & Communications, this position will focus intimately on CAFF’s website, database, CRM, and other tech tools to manage our members and data, make our resources more accessible to farmers, and to streamline the user experience of both staff and our constituents. This position will also provide technical support for our annual conference, a hybrid virtual/in-person event. Ideal candidates will be especially detail-oriented, technically savvy, well organized and enjoy problem solving and assisting their fellow staff members to help make this organization run as smoothly as possible all with the goal of serving CAFF’s mission as best we can. 


Communications Specialist

Seeking a bilingual communications professional with a passion for farms, a curiosity for technology, and a commitment to a more equitable future for the San Joaquin Valley. The Communications Specialist will uplift the stories of small-scale, Spanish-speaking, and BIPOC farmers in the region while helping to promote a stronger local food economy and appropriately-scaled innovation.

Position Overview

The Communications Specialist will play a key role on our Communications Team, supporting CAFF’s overall communications efforts, including but not limited to assisting with the website, social media, blogs, the California Small Farm Conference, and managing the California Farm Directory.

A significant portion of this role will be focused specifically on the Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation (F3) initiative aimed at building a more resilient and sustainable food system for that region while accelerating the integration of technology and skills into local agriculture.

In collaboration with a professional marketing firm, the Specialist will support a new campaign highlighting small farms and locally-grown food, while developing a multicultural, shared regional brand identity rooted in the Fresno region, cultivating new local markets for small-scale, spanish-speaking and BIPOC producers in particular.

The Specialist will also help highlight CAFF’s Tech Hub, which helps small farms adopt new technologies and promotes appropriate tech innovation, including promotion of CAFF’s Small Farm Innovation Challenge, Tech Track at the California Small Farm Conference, and the annual Tech Expo (starting in 2024).

A successful candidate will be passionate about local food, small-scale farms and appropriate technology, and be self-motivated, detail-oriented, tech savvy and have demonstrated success in communications. They will implement CAFF’s Racial Equity goals and practices throughout their work.


Farm to Market Coordinator, San Joaquin Valley

The Farm to Market Coordinator will play a key role on our Farm to Market team by supporting California small and mid-sized farmers in the greater San Joaquin Valley. The Coordinator will work with other team members and regional partners to create a vibrant local food economy that creates profitable new local markets for small-scale producers, with increased community vitality and public health outcomes. Work will focus on deepening and expanding relationships with farmers, buyers and partners while addressing supply chain logistics to secure sales and providing capacity building training and resources. Work will also include supporting participatory-development of a shared regional brand identity for local food and farm businesses. This position was created under the development of the Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation (F3) coalition, an exciting new development for the Fresno community which received $65.1 million from the American Rescue Plan to accelerate the integration of technology and skills in the region’s agriculture industry—improving productivity and job quality for existing farmers and farm workers while driving a more resilient and sustainable food system.  A successful candidate will be self-motivated, detail-oriented, computer literate, have technical knowledge of farming and/or supply chain coordination (i.e. purchasing). They will also implement CAFF’s Racial Equity goals and practices throughout their work.



CAFF seeks an Ecological Pest Management Field Technician to support the implementation of a large research and demonstration Biologically Integrated Farming Systems (BIFS) project and technical assistance for small-scale farmers. The EPM field technician will work with CAFF’s EPM Program Specialist and EPM team to support the data collection component for biologically integrated pest management demonstrations in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. The BIFS project will set up eight demonstration sites (4 in the Sacramento Valley, 4 in the San Joaquin Valley) to demonstrate, investigate and promote key integrated pest management practices including releases of predatory mites, use of predatory arthropod food sprays, and use of volatile predatory arthropod attractants for control of spider mites. The field technician will also support the Developing Sustainable Pest Management Project. This will involve: providing one-on-one technical assistance, tracking technical assistance efforts, listening and compiling IPM challenges and needs, providing incentives and implementation assistance for IPM practices, and organizing and maintaining farmer forums. The field technician will ideally be based in the Greater Sacramento Area with regular travel to the Northern San Joaquin Valley and some travel to the Sacramento Valley.


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Founded in 1978, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is a California-based nonprofit that builds sustainable food and farming systems through local and statewide policy advocacy and on-the-ground programs in an effort to initiate institutionalized change. Our programs address current problems and challenges in food and farming systems, creating more resilient family farms, communities and ecosystems. We work to support family farmers and serve community members throughout the state, including consumers, food service directors, schoolchildren and low-income populations with the aim of growing a more resilient, just and abundant food system for all Californians.