For several decades the Sonoma County CAFF Chapter has organized to support family farms, sustainable agriculture and local food systems through events, resources and direct advocacy at the city and county level. This grassroots volunteer group, open to both farmers as well as farm-loving advocates, invites you to join us at our potlucks and events to network with likeminded agrarians and hear about local food- and farm-related topics. If you’d like to dig deeper into our organization or help us advocate for local policies, check out our Leadership Circle meetings.

For more info or to get involved contact Wendy Krupnick at wlk [at]


The chapter hosts events and free educational webinars open to all. For dates, updates and official invites to these events, sign up for our mailing list and/or check out the “What’s New” section below. 

Leadership Circle meetings are 4th Mondays at 6:30 via Zoom. For an invite and agenda to these more in-depth meetings or to learn more about getting involved, please contact wlk [at]

Chapter Advocacy

As the voice of small farms and sustainable agriculture, the Sonoma County CAFF chapter is actively engaged in local advocacy, speaking up at public hearings, meeting with policymakers, and submitting written comment. To learn more about the chapter’s stances, we’ve compiled all recent comment letters covering a variety of food, agricultural and land use issues, as well as a glossary with descriptions of relevant agencies and organizations.


Sonoma RCD / Goldridge RCD (Local Resource Conservations Districts, RCDs) : These local agencies help individuals and community groups drive the solutions to our most pressing natural resource issues, such as prolonged drought and climate change. They do this by making available technical, financial and educational resources to achieve the greatest benefit to soil, water and related natural resources.

Natural Resources Conservation Service: Formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service, is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture that provides technical assistance to farmers and other private landowners and managers.

Ag & Open Space: The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District permanently protects the diverse agricultural, natural resource, and scenic open space lands of Sonoma County for future generations, primarily through the use of conservation easements and matching grant funding.

Sonoma County Farm Trails: Farm Trails connects the public to Sonoma County farmers, ranchers, producers, and purveyors to ensure the economic viability of local agriculture and instill an appreciation of ag as a vital part of our community through events, tours and marketing.

UCCE Sonoma: Cooperative Extension provides research support for agriculture and natural resources, in family and consumer sciences, in community resources development and in youth development. University of California advisors are housed in County Cooperative Extension offices throughout California. These advisors extend knowledge and provide county research in selected Cooperative Education program areas. Specialists housed on University campuses conduct research and work with advisors in the counties to provide information for dissemination.

Sonoma County Groundwater Sustainability AgenciesPetaluma / Santa Rosa PlainSonoma ValleyThe historic passage of SGMA in 2014 set forth a statewide framework to help protect groundwater resources over the long-term. SGMA requires locals agencies to form groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) for the high and medium priority basins. GSAs develop and implement groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) to avoid undesirable results and mitigate overdraft within 20 years. 

Your elected representatives: To find and contact your state and federal representatives, scroll to the bottom of CAFF’s main Policy Page here. To find your county supervisor, click here.


Sonoma County VIP Tour 2021

Prepared for local leaders and policymakers, this 2-page document highlights the potential of “food belts” and urban agriculture in Sonoma County (and beyond), and provides recommendations for policy reform to

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North Bay Farmer Forum 2021: Notes

Notes from the October 5th, 2021 Farmer Forum, CAFF’s listening session with farmers, digging into topics of most concern to local agriculture, obstacles faced by family farmers, and guidance for

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Water Smart Farming

On-farm water conservation practice, slides created by Keith Ables of the Sonoma County Resource Conservation District for CAFF’s “Farming During Drought” Webinar, 4/19/21  

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Video: Farming During Drought

Webinar recording of “Farming During Drought” hosted by the Sonoma County CAFF chapter together with the Sonoma RCD, exploring water smart farming practices as well as government support for farmers

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CAFF Sonoma County Chapter Positions 2021

Chapter officers, Proposed Slate: Position-sharing welcome. Openings may be filled by appointment by Leadership Circle during the year. Six month commitment to Leadership Circle requested prior to appointment. President –

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