Farm Resources

List of farm resources, including webinars and clips from the CA Small Farm Conference. 

Find or post a job, internship, or land opportunity on our jobs board. Positions available in or around the California agricultural and food systems industry.

The California Farm Directory is an online portal for local consumers, food buyers, and businesses to find farms and their products throughout the Golden State. 

The resources listed below have been carefully compiled to help farms, ranches, and rural communities.

From fact sheets, to webinars, to tips on value-added products, CAFF has created and compiled variety of resources to help keep farms in compliance with food safety regulations.

CAFF has created and compiled a variety of resources to help get products to market and assure a fair market return. We have also complied resources for farmers operating or considering a CSA program.

CAFF has created and compiled a variety of resources, from practical videos to scientific studies, to help farmers enhance ecological practices on their farm. 

The California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative (CAWSI) aims to raise awareness about approaches to agricultural water management that support the viability of agriculture, conserve water, and protect ecological integrity in California. CAWSI is managed by CAFF and guided by an Editorial Board.

A continuación encontrará recursos útiles para su granja. Desde consejos sobre la producción de cultivos para ayudar a comercializar sus productos hasta explicaciones de las normas de seguridad alimentaria.​

This 2021 California Small Farm Conference Playlist includes over 20 videos and workshops from the conference, including the “Livestock Guardian Dogs 101” video below. 

Dogs play a crucial role on many small farms and ranches, from herding flocks to protecting livestock. In this video, we visit Green Star Farm, an 85-acre pasture-based livestock farm in Sonoma County, California where Sarah Silva collaborates with her many canine partners to look after chickens, pigs, sheep and goats. Learn the ins and outs of working with livestock guardian dogs and help determine what’s right for your farming operation.