We support schools, hospitals and universities throughout California to provide more local food through technical assistance and marketing support for farmers, vendors and food service buyers.


Farm to School, Hospital and University programs throughout California connect farms with dining experiences and classrooms. Broadly, these programs can include farm field trips, nutrition education in the garden, and farm-fresh salad bars. Farm to School integrates local agriculture and nutrition into all facets of the school, including the classroom, school gardens, the cafeteria, and the broader community.


Focusing on cafeteria procurement, we believe that supporting small- to mid-scale farms are critical to a resilient local food system. Institutional food service purchasing can provide an anchor for farmers and communities, opening up a stable, large market for local farms while engaging consumers on the sustainability of their food system and the story of where their food comes from. Small and medium sized farms sell directly to their communities, employ local labor and invest their earnings back into their community.

At CAFF we strive to create strong local food systems, which means that we work within the existing supply chain and use purchasing power to change the way food is purchased and distributed. Working closely with regional food hubs, distributors, and farmers, we have been able to increase access to and consumption of healthy, high quality and diverse foods that are sustainably produced in the community institutions that feed us.



Growers across California are interested in working with institutional buyers committed to supporting our local food system. By engaging in conversations and contracts with more family farmers, you are doing your part while providing the freshest, healthiest products to those you serve.


The demand for local food and the story of where it came from and who grows it continues to grow while schools, hospitals, universities, food hubs, distributors, packing houses and processing facilities are looking for more California farmers and producers like you to purchase from.