Use Farm to Cafeteria Signage to promote seasonal produce from local family farmers to students and the community. Display the posters, signs, LCD images, and table tents when you serve local produce to raise awareness and recognition for your Farm to Cafeteria program.

Please read through the agreement, fill out the form below and choose “submit” to agree to the terms. You only need to fill out this form once per year. Once you fill out this agreement form you are eligible to request custom signage from CAFF. Scroll down to find out more.

Terms of Use Agreement:

  • All edible products grown or raised on California family farms are considered local foods. Processed or prepared foods’ primary ingredient must be sourced from a family farm in California and produced in California to be considered local products.
  • Signage may only be used in their unmodified and original forms. See instructions associated with editable templates.
  • Signage may be used to designate the California family farm or local food business onsite, in advertisements, on marketing materials, and at events.
  • Items/products signage is used for must be traceable to California, from a specific farm or aggregator and farm or aggregator location in California.
  • Signage users must submit a contact form annually and agrees to be contacted by CAFF for purposes of tracking signage use.
  • CAFF owns and holds all rights to the Farm to Cafeteria Signage, marks and designs, and any marks or designs developed for use.


Thanks for filing out the Agreement Form!

All of the below materials can be downloaded from the Sharable Dropbox folder. You will receive this link once you fill out the above

form. The documents are organized according to Type of material or by farm name. If you are having trouble locating a particular material, please email farmtocafeteria[at]

Most of the documents are PDF files and can be quite large so please allow time for downloading.

Custom Signage Request

Once you have filled out the Agreement Form you are able to request CAFF make custom signage for California family farmers you are working with. Click on the button below to be directed to the Custom Signage Request form.




Display in your cafeteria year round.



For Family Farmers

For Our Community

For the Environment

For Quality

For Health

For Taste

For California

For Students

For the Economy




Para Los Agricultores De Familia

Para Nuestra Comunidad

Para El Medio Ambiente

Para La Calidad

Para La Salud

Para El Buen Gusto

Para California

Para Los Estudiantes

Para La Economia






Place a farmer profile in the center each time you serve California produce.


Front:Back Option 1 and 2: