One & a half million dollars for family farms in need

During this season of giving, we found joy not only in receiving but in giving. And this year was a record-breaking year of giving for CAFF! To help small farmers struggling through an epic drought, wildfire devastation, and the pandemic…



None of this is possible without our members and donors who empower CAFF’s Emergency Fund, as well as all of our programs–from Ecological Farming to advocacy in Sacramento–that help small farms & sustainable agriculture thrive.

Will you help us continue providing the support California farmers need?

“COVID has made worse of the inequities that already existed in our community but it has also shown some of our best qualities to come together and support each other. This grant is most definitely a breather for our urban farming work here in Santa Ana and the vision to build a food system that is stewarded by BIPOC farmers and land workers of color.”

– Abel Ruiz, CRECE Urban Farms

“Raising sheep has been a rewarding and challenging life path, but doing it during a pandemic, drought, and amidst wildfire has added monumental difficulty to the equation. Support from CAFF and my community has helped me tremendously. My hope is that the ripple effect of this grant will reach out into the world, as my work impacts the people and land around me. Helping to keep my business viable is in turn helping my network thrive. Thank you!”

– Ruthie King, Headwaters Grazing

“I cannot tell you what a difference this makes! We are still struggling to pull ourselves back in the saddle and rebuild after the CZU fire and dealing with burnt but standing trees (widow-makers) that have been keeping us up at night. These funds will help create a defensible space around our rebuilt barn, sheds and fields. We are so grateful to CAFF for helping our farm address the impacts of the fire because they last well beyond the initial burn and it is so hard to get support on the long road to recovery.  Thank you for helping keep the farm alive!”

– Jon Kosek, Rancho Siempre Verde

“Gracias por la beca que me otorgan ba aser de mucha alluda enla operación del rancho en estos tiempos tan difíciles esta beca meda una esperanza de que vendrán tiempos mejores . Gracias en nombre de toda mi familia está beca significa mucho para nuestra ciembra en el rancho.”

Translation: “Thank you for awarding me these funds, it’s going to be so helpful for my farm, especially in these difficult times. It gives me hope that better times are coming. Thank you so much on behalf of my entire family, this funding means so much for the planting in our farm”

– Orfa Aguirre

“Our Hearts lifted and our shoulders dropped after we discovered we were awarded this grant… So much gratitude and so much relief. After many difficult years at our farm, nursery and vineyard with the fires, the smoke, and making hard sacrifices, we are so very grateful for support. We look forward to putting more roots in the ground, provide the community with beauty and sanctuary, teach by example organic, pollinator and drought-friendly farming practices, and creating memories for our family on this very special land we call home.”

– Tanya Tolmasoff Knippelmeir, Tolmasoff Vineyard


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