3 CA Bills Supporting Family Farms Head to Sacramento

This year, we at CAFF & The Farmers Guild are co-sponsoring and supporting three bills that, if passed, would help family farmers thrive, ensure healthy local food and promote sustainable agriculture. Will you join us in telling your state representatives to support these import bills? It only takes a moment. Find the contact info of your assembly member below.
 To track the progress of these and other bills of concern for 2019, click here.

​Assembly Bill 838 would provide assistance to small-scale, diversified farms and ranches, in particular beginning and socially disadvantaged producers through a new Farmer Equity & Innovation Center and Small Farm Advisors. Full bill text here.

Assembly Bill 958 would support California public schools in purchasing more locally-grown, organic foods, promoting children’s health and family farms! Full bill text here.

Assembly Bill 986 would both protect agricultural lands and help make farmland more accessible to socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. Full bill text here.
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