Co-management & Food Safety

Co-management on-farm involves balancing food safety practices with preservation of biodiversity, which allows growers to produce safe food while maintaining habitat and protecting soil and water quality. Learn more in the resources below:

New CAFF & Wild Farm Alliance 2017 updated, “A Farmer’s Guide to Food Safety and Conservation: Facts, Tips, and FAQs” access the full resource here.

Wild Farm Alliance: A resource for articles and media focused on food safety.

See the Executive Summary of CAFF’s Food Safety White Paper. Or download the full report. (pdf)

UC Davis Co-management website with numerous resource sheets.

Download Monterey County’s Food Safety Environmental Protection Literature Review(pdf): The Monterey RCD’s mission is to conserve and improve Monterey County’s natural resources, integrating the demand for environmental quality with the needs of agricultural and urban users.

Produce Safety Project: Safe and Sustainable Final Report May 2011

Updated 10/25/17.