Farmers Beet Podcast on Integrated Crop Livestock Systems with Eatwell Farm – Dixon and Pasture42 – Guinda

Photo: Ansel Klein

In this episode, we learn about integrated crop livestock management from two Northern California Farms. First, we hear from Lorraine Walker of Eatwell Farm in Dixon, CA, where they incorporate laying hens into their diversified vegetable production, and also touch on soil health and fertility management. Ken Walker of Pasture 42 in Guinda, CA then walks us through how they incorporate sheep and poultry into their orchards, which were designed with animal integration in mind. Both expand on the benefits and challenges of integrating livestock, as well as considerations for pasture, rotational grazing, and food safety.

Show Notes:
Production Team:
  • Podcast hosted by Emily Ayala
  • Audio engineering and editing by Coby McDonald 
  • Music by Blue Dot Sessions