Membership Spotlight: Black Urban Farmers Association (BUFA)


As summer approaches farmers throughout the state are entering their busiest season. They are working hard to bring our communities all the wonders that the summer season has to offer. Reatha Hardy-Jordan from Black Urban Farmers Association (BUFA) is one of those busy, hard-working people. BUFA is a member of CAFF because, according to Reatha, “I heard a lot of good things about the organization and how CAFF was helping small farmers.”

Who is BUFA?


BUFA’s mission is “to positively impact health and hunger by providing locally grown, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. We highlight African American Cuisine and a plant-based diet.”

Located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley, BUFA based in the small town of French Camp, CA. We are constantly learning, cultivating and expanding to better serve our community.

BUFA is made possible by 12 founders and countless supporters, both of whom bring their dedication and passion to positively impact change.


Q&A with Reatha Hardy-Jordan


What is your favorite thing about farming?

“I love farming because it is a way to feed people fresh food and it allows me to get exercise while soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.”

What does farming/growing food mean to you?

“It means connecting to the earth and all it does for us. Growing food allows us to be part of something great.”

What change do you want to see in our food system?

“I would like to see fresh food more accessible to people who need it the most.”

What advice would you give a beginner farmer?

“Start Small!”

What’s Going on at BUFA



For $30 dollars you can obtain a CSA box that includes 10 items! The produce is pesticide free. For more details visit BUFA here.


Volunteers are essential in our communities! If you have a passion for urban agriculture, sustainability and food justice please visit BUFA here.