Membership Spotlight: Bluebird Farm


After that September heatwave the temperatures dropped, and all of a sudden the slight hint of fall was in the air! Even though fall is coming soon, our local farmers are still harvesting summer goodies for all of us to enjoy. At Bluebird Farm they not only provide delicious veggies, they also have a colorful variety of flowers!  We had the opportunity to chat with farmer Malaika about her passion for agriculture. When we asked her why she is a member she said “CAFF is one of the oldest, most reputable organizations supporting small farmers in California. They also offer some nice farmer discounts with membership.”  Thank you, Malaika, for being a member and for believing in the work we do here at CAFF. 

About Bluebird Farm


Bluebird farm is located in Nevada City, CA. They grow leafy greens and flowers. They farm in two different areas: 

WOOLMAN: “The veggies are grown at Woolman at Sierra Friends Center where we have just restored and expanded the farm site after the Jones Fire. My family has a long history with this land, beginning with my grandparents helping to found the John Woolman School in the 60’s. We are happy to be able to contribute to food justice education with the groups of youth who come to Woolman programs, and to grow food and flowers for Woolman guests.”

JACOBSON DUDE RANCH:  “Dale and Diane Jacobson who run Jacobson Chiropractic have been long community contributors and generously have opened their land to many farmers over the years. I have known the Jacobsons since their daughter Claire and my brother Narayan began school in the same Waldorf class over 30 years ago. Leo Chapman and Tim Van Wagner farmed there when they ran Living Lands Agrarian Network and I volunteered there. Our farm name, Bluebird Farm, is bringing back the name they originally had for this farm. We are excited to be growing our flowers on a 1/2 acre of land up Cement Hill Rd here. We farm next to Heather of the Acorn Herb School.” 

Q&A with Malaika

What is your favorite thing about farming?

“Being outside, growing beautiful plants, feeding our community.”

If the average consumer could know one thing about farming, what would it be?

“The true cost of producing what they are buying. What it really takes.”

If you could change one thing about our food system, what would it be?

“Equitable access to healthy food for everyone.”

What is your favorite crop to grow?

“Lettuce and flowers.”

What’s Going on at Bluebird Farm


Flower Share!

You can receive their beautiful flower through their flower share! 

Full Season: 20 weeks March- April and July-Sept: $360
Summer/Fall: 12 weeks July-Sept $216

For more details, click here. 

Veggie CSA!

They also partake in a CSA that consist of a few farms coming together to provide produce for their community. How neat!  For more details on this unique CSA, click here.