RFP: CAFF Seeking Agile Software Developer for School Food Solution

Kids in California schools want more fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers, but schools don’t have the tools to buy them. We’ve created and vetted the first contracting tools to address school food purchasing needs in California and have $60,000 in USDA and private funding for the first round of software development. We need to partner with a developer to create the initial tools, which will be put into production to demonstrate the value and viability of our solutions. Our vision is to then expand the tools into a full-service platform.

The full text of the software development Request for Proposals and submission instructions are below. Proposals will be sent to CAFF, on or prior to 05/16/2021 at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time, submitted as PDF files via email to farmtocafeteria@caff.org.

Thank you for considering us! Please reach out to us to connect, meet, and if you have any questions.