Food Safety Equipment Resources

Food Safety Equipment Resources

This resource contains information about lots of different supplies and equipment that will help improve your food safety practices on your farm. In particular there are sections on produce harvest and storage, produce washing, cleaning and sanitizing, and your structure (building). This is not an exhaustive list of supplies or equipment, but a good starting point. There are also a few hyperlinks to resources that provide more details and links as well. Keep in mind when adding items to a budget for any project that some of these items or pieces of equipment will require additional costs to get them installed. You may need to hire an electrician or contractor to install a coolbot system, for example.


Specific note for the current CDFA RFSI opportunity: Equipment-Only Grant (track 2) can be used to purchase one piece of equipment only (along with any necessary accessories, tax, delivery fees, etc.) and has a minimum request of $10,000. Multiple pieces of equipment and/or supplies can be purchased under a Track 1, Infrastructure Grant. Infrastructure Grants do have a minimum requirement of $100,000 and are subject to matching funds requirements.


Disclaimer: CAFF staff have used or seen some of these products on farms. We have not vetted them all in person. Please do your due diligence in researching products to determine if it makes sense for your operation. 


Produce Harvest and Storage

Produce Washing

Cleaning/Sanitizing Supplies