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The Women of CSA Farming

THE WOMEN OF CSA COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE Did you know that female producers now make up 36% of farmers in America? And that in the...

Immigration Reforms Effects on Organic Farming

Immigrants are central to California’s farm community and critical to meeting the agricultural labor demand. In this webinar, CAFF’s Policy Director, David Runsten gives updates...

CSA Marketing Discussion Group on Facebook

With 2,600+ members, in this facebook group members discuss CSA marketing topics w/ active conversations and Q&A.

Why the US desperately needs more millennial farmers

MIC – In the United States, the average farmer is older than 50. This is a problem: As these farmers retire, younger farmers are less likely...

Looking Back at Fifteen Years of Local Food Systems Distribution Solutions

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) has a more than fifteen-year history in the field of food hubs and local food distribution, experimenting with...