Food System Supply & Demand during COVID-19

Are you seeking new markets and new customers during the COVID-19 crisis? 

Have you lost sales outlets? 

Do you want to sell into a programs that are helping feed those most in need? 

CAFF is here to help!

CAFF is launching the “Reconnecting Markets, Feeding Communities” initiative to support sales for California family farmers during the COVID-19 crisis. Right now, there’s a surge in new market opportunities for California farms, with numerous federal, state, local, and privately-funded programs arising in response to COVID-19 with a focus on purchasing locally. These programs include farm boxes, food bank purchasing, independent grocers, meal delivery to seniors, school meal pick-ups, and other community feeding and local purchasing programs. As harvest time ramps up and outlets such as restaurants have greatly reduced their demand, CAFF is here to help farmers access new marketplaces, adapt their sales plans, and meet the demand of emerging customers.