Sign on to support farmland equity & local food!

By signing on to this letter, you’ll be urging state leaders to address land equity and improve access to local markets for small-family farmers. The realities of the climate crisis, divestment in local food supply chains, and inequalities in the economy disproportionately affect California’s smaller-scale food producers, which includes the 1 in 5 California farmers who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).  

This bill aims to address two of the biggest challenges these farmers face: 1) inequitable access to land, which is a significant hurdle as a result of many barriers, from inherited wealth disparity to historically unjust lending practices, and 2) local and regional food supply chains, which for decades have been drastically under-resourced.

Senate Bill 1448 will make much-needed reforms to two vital state programs: The Farm To Community Food Hubs program and the California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force.

Thank you making your voice heard!