Webinar: Does FSMA apply to your Farm?

*Update 12/5/17* The slide with FSMA full exemptions mentions that farms with less than $25,000 in annual produce sales are fully exemption from FSMA. This is correct. We may not have emphasized this point enough in the webinar and wanted to emphasize that for the $25,000 threshold it is only the farm’s PRODUCE sales, not ALL farm sales. So if a farm was also selling eggs, meat, and grain those sales wouldn’t count towards the $25,000 threshold.

This webinar was recorded on July 24, 2017. For upcoming webinars on food safety see https://caff.org/webinars/.

Please note that there was technical difficulty starting the recording so it started a few minutes into the webinar. What was not recorded was our first few examples of foodborne illness outbreaks that have happened in the past. All the main content of FSMA is on the recording.

Note that the FDA released a public document on 9/12/17 that stated that all state inspectors would not start doing FSMA Produce inspections until 2019. Find full text here: https://www.fda.gov/Food/NewsEvents/C…