Why Do Farmers Join CAFF?


Hi there,

Maybe you’re a farmers market regular committed to ensuring that everyone has access to healthy, local food. Or a climate change activist who knows that rich, thriving, carbon-sequestering soil is vital to the survival of our species. Or perhaps you’re a farmer, like the ones here below, seeking support, solidarity and a seat at the table when it comes to shaping the future of our food system. If so, we invite you to join our CAFF community by becoming a member or by simply making an end-of-the-year donation to help us keep this work going strong in 2022.

Thank you,

Evan Wiig,

Director of Membership

Community Alliance with Family Farmers


“We joined CAFF because we saw the incredible value in coming together with our regional farms to make our voices heard. The world and climate are swiftly changing and family farms need a seat at the table to ensure local food security and biodiversity. Our survival depends on working together and CAFF is doing a fantastic job of making that happen.”

Franchesa Duval

Alchemist Farms

Sebastopol, CA

“CAFF has been a help to me in finding a place to sell my products and learning how to do wholesale production. I’m grateful to God for CAFF’s support as I am now learning how to also access farmer’s markets with their help.”

Miguel Reyes

Siembra y Cosecha Farm

Fresno, CA

“The folks at CAFF’s Tech Hub have been a valuable resource in building our online presence. They helped us narrow down our options and focus on what was most important to us. We received access to resources and thoughtful feedback; we valued the gentle check-ins that helped keep us focused on our goals.”

Anna Knight

Old Grove Orange

Redlands, CA