10 Tips for Getting 10K Instagram Followers

There are a multitude of social media platforms to choose from these days! The good news is, you don’t have to use every platform to market your farm. As a powerful visual medium and storytelling tool (aren’t vegetables and baby animals the most photogenic out there??), Instagram is an effective outlet to engage with your audience, connect with the farming community, and convert followers into customers.


Why 10,000? Once you’ve hit 10K followers, Instagram gives you use of the Link Sticker in Stories, giving followers easy, direct access to your website, blog, ecommerce page, email signup page, and other important links that will boost engagement and website traffic.

Looking for Instagram Basics? Check out this resource.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone. Instagram is constantly developing new features; Reels, Instagram TV, Featured Stories…try them out! Maybe you’ll find that they aren’t all the best fit for your Instagram toolkit, but that’s okay. You may catch the attention of potential visitors or learn something new!


Instagram Terminology: