Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (BIOS) for Almonds guide

The Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (BIOS) project was a collaboration between CAFF, farmers, pest control and crop advisors, and the UC Cooperative Extension in the 1990s and early 2000s. BIOS emphasized a systems approach to orchard management and pest control including cover cropping. The BIOS for Almonds guide was produced as a result of this collaboration, and outlines principles and practical guidelines for an holistic approach to soil fertility and pest management in almond orchards. It details the benefits of cover crops and compost application and includes a sample schedule for cover crop management, a list of cover crop species, plant species which host beneficial insects, and more.

While this guide was published in reference to work completed in Merced County, much of the information it contains can be adapted to other regions of California.

View the guide below or download here