Data Training for the Small Farm

CAFF’s Small Farm Tech Hub hosted a data training for the Small Farm which was a three-part webinar series held during November-December 2022.  The webinar recordings are provided below along with a list of resources referenced during the series. 

This workshop series was designed to provide a small farm business with key skills in how to understand and use data for business success. The workshop series is designed to provide the fundamentals in data concepts, sources, and management, how to use data to evaluate sales channels, and how to use data for scenario planning. 

Attendees of the training learned the following:

  • Relevant data concepts and what they mean for your farm.
  • Various data sources relevant to farmers.
  • Using data for market channel scenario planning. 
Webinar Recording #1: 11/16/22
Webinar Recording #2: 11/30/22
Webinar Recording #3: 12/14/22

Webinar Resources:

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